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What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

VALENTINE'S DAY is a time for love, romance and appreciation of your partner. In the midst of our reality lies a hidden agenda ingrained in each and every one of us from birth urging us to be a part of something bigger than us. The subject of love is as beautiful and unique as a flashing star within in our galaxy, and like love we are aware of its presence each and every day but distracted by life’s endless obstacles.

Love has no equal, as it manifests in and out of you, the type that helps you grow and expand but what’s your definition of love?

The Voice took to the streets of London to find out if love is still ingrained within the community.

What does romance mean to you?

JACQUI: Quality time

Jacqui: Romance means intimacy on a personal level, it means bonding and quality time

Fortunata: Initially it means quality time, it’s not roses and teddy bears - the cliché of what everyone thinks. It’s sitting in front of the TV watching a movie with no interruptions, just us!

Chris: Doing something sincere with emotion to keep your partner satisfied.

Mike: Romance to me is about old fashioned things. That feeling when somebody make you feel warm inside. I like to open doors, send flowers to their work, and surprise them with candlelit dinners, all that cute stuff. I believe it makes a person who you love feel special and at the end of the day it’s about making them feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

What would be your dream date?

CHRIS: Night on the town

Jacqui: My partner knowing me and putting that into action with quality time and taking no phone calls! LOL.

Fortunata: I met him my partner (James) in a bar and Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and then we met up on a whim and dated everyday leading up to Valentine’s Day, which landed on a Saturday. He ended up asking me to be his Valentine, he then took me everywhere I loved.

Chris: To be taken to a Liverpool - Everton after a good night out on the town!

Mike: I would love to go on a picnic and drive through LA with music playing in a drop top car, making our way to the top the Hollywood hills, to eventually park up with the roof down and watch the sunset together, whilst talking about future goals and life.

What and when was your best Valentine’s Day and why?

FORTUNATA: Perfect date

Jacqui: My last Valentine's day because he surprised me with things I never had thought of. It was simple and romantic and effective.

Fortunata: The perfect date is to do things for each other, that you know that your partner would appreciate.

Chris: Mine was 2009. I was seeing someone, she thought it would be a good idea to see some friends.

Mike: Mine was last year. My partner surprised me with a complete full day which included lunch, dinner, a hotel, a trip to the theatre, and gifts, all of which I didn’t know anything about- so the whole day was a complete surprise with so much fun, I was even in a cab driving to the next place and didn’t know what the destination was going to be until we got there.

What is your definition of love?

MIKE: Reality

Jacqui: It is unconditional. There should be loyalty and respect because you can love romantically and love in friendship and in family.

Fortunata: Not a sexy answer but my definition is compromise because when you do find the one you realise it’s for life, you have good days and bad.

Chris: It is to be connected with someone in ways you wouldn’t ever connect with anyone else at an intimate level. When you find that someone and they know your everything you won’t ever find that with anyone else. It’s about not taking them for granted.

Mike: Love to me is about reality. We all see love as a fairytale but that can’t be real life all the time. It’s about trust first and foremost, being able to go anywhere with or without that person yet knowing their heart still belongs to you. Trust it the strongest foundation to any love. Then it’s about meeting half way and understanding each other - that will enable your life together to be so fun and strong. No two people on earth will ever be completely identical when it comes to likes and dislikes, so you have to work together to come to a middle ground and be comfortable. Then most importantly love is happiness. If it makes you happy no matter how you may be dealing with other life things on a general basis. That is love.

What would you do to make this Valentine’s Day the best for your partner?

Jacqui: I would do things that he likes and attempt to woo him in an unexpected way.

Fortunata: Treat him like my king in the same way as he treats me like his queen.

Chris: I’m gonna be there for her, showing my appreciation for everything she has done and letting her know and feel that everything about her is perfect.

Mike: I would fly them to any country in the world that they wanted to visit, and make sure we made memories for a lifetime. I don’t need Valentine’s day to show someone I love them; I can do that every day. But I could use it to make a special memory, as you can’t always make them every day. So I would love to go somewhere they dreamed of and have as much fun as possible.

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