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Whats The Play? With Anthony 'Play' Douglas

GOOD TIMES: From left - Mr. Play and US dancer So Spyda

IT'S JUNE - Gemini season..whoop whoop! My birthday is this weekend, and I'm accepting gift cards from Harrods and Selfridges (hint hint)!

I'll be celebrating my birthday at an event called #BoomBoxLDN at the Westbank Gallery in Ladbroke Grove, west London. It's an old skool movie and party event and on this occasion it's a school uniform theme, as the movie showing will be the Kid 'n Play classic, Class Act. Ain't gonna lie, I'm excited!

Since we're on the topic of parties, it's the perfect opportunity for me to continue the second half of my Dominican Republic experience from last week...this week it's 'the turn up!' part, haha!

UK ALL DAY: From left - Judy Vargas, We Are DR Live promotor, with DJ Ominaya of The Wendy Williams Show

I had the pleasure of DJ-ing in the Dominican Republic at a Memorial Weekend event called We Are DR Live. Loads of people travel on that last weekend of May to a city or country that's lit, ranging from Miami to the Dominican Republic to Cancun. On that weekend I find that people travel with the intention of forgetting about everyday life and basically wilding the f**k out. When Tuesday comes, it's back to normality studies, work, bills and the rest of it.

Anyway, back to We Are DR Live. The weekend consisted of eight events, free food, free drink, white sandy beaches, beautiful blue sea and great people. The resort we stayed at, Club Med, was amazing, but the downside for this particular occasion was that it was too big. It felt like everyone was a little isolated as we were spread so far apart in the resort, I don't feel like we really got to bond until the last few nights. Nevertheless we made a "Party out of any pity that comes your way!" (I got the strapline from @doctor_elle).

LIVING THAT LIFE: Party-goers enjoying the Dominican Republic

I got to hang out with some of the fellas from my home town Brixton and my boy Cory from NYC plus I made some great new friends from Chicago, Texas, LA and Canada. I even got to hang out with the lovely Ms.Damn and So Spyda, some of the fiiiiiiinest dancers in the States (Google them and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, haha)! DJ Ominaya (official DJ for The Wendy Williams Show) was 100% reppin' for the UK, dropping tracks from H.Moneda, Giggs and £R. Obviously the peeps from the UK turnt up when they heard their artists being played.

I enjoyed the activities, including riding dune buggies, cave swimming and snorkelling. I turn up most weekends, so to be honest these were the things that did it for me.

We Are DR Live is definitely the event to go to once you've got South Beach Miami and Cancun out of your system. It's more grown and it's extremely sexy, not too much hype, but definitely fun. You go Miami with spending money, but you go Dominican Republic with your credit card - #levels.

Will I be going back? Hell yeah (God willing)!

I caught up with John MIT, one of the organisers for a lil' Play's Q&A - this is how it went down:

BIG MAN ON CAMPUS: John MIT, We are DR Live promotor

Q: Who are the people behind We Are DR Live?

A:John & Judy of Brooklyn, New York.

Q: What made you start it?

A: We wanted to give our clients something fresh and new.

Q: What do you like most about what you do?

A: We love to see our clients enjoying themselves.

Q: What would you tell your younger self?

A: I wish this event was taking place when I was growing-up.

Q: Where do you see yourself going with your brand in the next three to five year's time?

A: Bringing 3-5000 more people across the world.

Follow John MIT on social media (@MitBoss and @Judy_vargas) and visit: for more information.

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