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Whats the play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas

WHAT'S THE PLAY: (left to right) DJ Trauma (Dave Chapelle's DJ) and MayaJama

TODAY, I'M reporting live from Fresh Island Festival in Croatia. About 10,000 people are out here "turning the f**k up" basically. I wanna send a big shout out to my boys Phat Phillie and Bizzo, the Fresh Island organisers for bringing me out here.

Also, shout out to DJ Shorty Bless, Super K, "Man like" Mensa and the guys from Rilla Family – they set the pre-festival parties on fire. If you've never been to Croatia, you need to check it out. I feel like I'm in Miami, but with a flight that's under 2 hours away from the UK – it's HEAVEN! I'll let you guys know more about the festival in my next column.

Speaking of Miami, last week I caught up with Miami's very own Jasmin Cadavid, who was in London promoting her new single: "FLOAT" which is out now via iTunes. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Jasmin Cadavid is recognised worldwide for her beauty and curves. Of Columbian and Guatemalan heritage, Jasmin is a woman of determination, grace, humility and drive.

Introducing her music skills to the world in April this year with the release of her single “FLOAT,” Jasmin is determined to prove to the world that she is more than just arm candy or a muse in a video.

Mr. Play and Jasmin Cadavid

She has been the leading lady in music videos for 2Chainz, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, The Migos, Pitbull and Nicki Minaj to name a few, has been Ambassador for the Superbowl, Forgiato and The Money Team and was even cast in the movie “Pain and Gain.”

Last weekend I went to an art exhibition by the lovely Karla Cornwall & Ainsley Yearwood. The exhibition was called: "Emotion in Colour". Maaaaannn, I was WELL impressed with what I saw, so much so I had to hit her with a quick Q & A with Mr Play:


I am a London based artist inspired by my fashion background and love of textures, influenced by the wonderful manifestation of haberdashery heaven. I have mastered 4 intricate techniques that I use in my pieces:

Hand Embroidery "unsymmetrical madness"
Thread blending "delicate dimensions"
Wool bonding "creative confusion"
Thread suturing "spiralling spontaneity"

My brain consists of creative chaos and artistry, with technique being my focus every time. I create my own path and those who appreciate what I do, in the journey.


It just happened, I've always done some form of art when I was young. After leaving school I attended London College of Fashion and became a Fashion Designer. I had my fashion business for 7 years, which took a lot out of me emotionally, mentally and physically. It took a toll on me and it affected my health for a while.

I decided to close down the business which was so hard, as it was my baby but I had to put my health first. During that time I also went through some turbulence in my personal life so I felt it necessary to speak to a counsellor. She was a friend of my mum and in the session I showed her a few statement pieces I had created. She asked "Have you ever thought of interior design, I think this would look beautiful on a wall?"

I had never thought of that, so I went away and created a piece on canvas using the necklace which helped as a healing tool. I showed it to my brother and he asked if I’d thought about creating celebrities using the hand embroidery technique. I used the technique to create Bob Marley, Scarface and Marilyn Monroe and it's taken off from there. The experiments I've done have allowed me to use three techniques that put a unique stamp on what I do today. All my work consists of mediums from my fashion background, such as thread, synthetic wools and embellishments. I'm constantly challenging myself with the platforms that I display my work on, which range from clothing to furniture.

Mr. Play and Karla Cornwall


The thing I love the most is the freedom to create. I interact with my audience and get their take on my work, it’s food for my soul. It also opens up my work for in-depth, sometimes profound conversations, leaving both parties inspired in one way, shape or form.


Do what makes you happy, live in your passion, remove money as a focus and enjoy the journey as great things will come to you effortlessly. Believe in yourself and know that perseverance is key.


I see myself as a top Thread Artist who travels the world exhibiting and inspiring people – especially young people as they are in tune with themselves creatively. Later down the line I would like to teach young people the techniques I've learnt over the years.


Jackson Pollock and Ainsley Yearwood

Check out Karla’s Instagram to see some of her work: @karlacornwalllondonart

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