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Whats The Play With Anthony 'Play' Douglas

PICTURED: Zaytoven and Mr. Play

LAST WEEK, I was in Atlanta (again) for work, motivation and a bit of a pick-me-up. I love the city so much – I think I'm 100% going to move there in the future. All I need to do is breathe the air, and I'm ready to take on the world!

So anyway, last week in Atlanta happened to be the same week as the A3C Hip Hop Festival, where up and coming artists from all over the world come together to network and connect with industry heads for knowledge, advice and motivation. It was great catching up with talented producer Zaytoven and other top label executives such as Kawan KP Prather.

Being from London, I had loads of new artists approach me about doing work overseas, which was actually perfect timing as i'm starting work on a new music project which i'll be putting out next year.

So far, I've got a few new, big Atlanta and London-based artists working with me on it and I'm really looking forward to being able to tell my story. I know it's gonna be fire so keep it locked.

Since we're on the topic of artists, I caught up with a new up-and-coming artist called Frostie. Check out what he had to say to Mr Play.


Q: Who is Frostie?

Frostie is an artist from North London that has been passionate about music from an early age.

Q: When did you realise you wanted to do music?

Good question. I fell In love with music when I first heard Heartless Crew. They're from my area, so I used to go to their events and witness the effect they had on people through music.

Q: What do you want listeners to gain out of your music?

My aim is to inspire the younger generation, share my life experience and show them that it's ok to take a loss. The important part is how you bounce back from it as a person. There is more to life than what a lot of rappers portray, which sadly seems to be affecting the younger generation negatively.

Frostie - Big Homie

Q: What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self, “Whatever it is you do and love doing, don’t stop it.” I’ve been in and out of music due to not being focused.

Q: Tell us about your new mixtape

"Can you Relate" was a project I started working on 3 years ago, but I started replacing some of the old tracks and putting on new tracks which reflected my past.

'Big Homie' is a single off the tape that tells a story of who I used to be. My songs are stories and throwbacks, that's why I named my mixtape 'Can you Relate'. I want everyone that can relate, or is in a similar position as I used to be in to understand that we can make it, just keep pushing.

Q: What have you changed about your approach to music now?

I’m more open to different sounds and I’ve allowed myself to evolve musically. Shout out to my team Philo and Lateef, always throwing new ideas and sounds at me.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next three to five years?

On the big stage doing what I love doing and entertaining the crowd… and of course getting my paper!

Q: Where can we find Frostie?

"Can you Relate" is available on all major platforms right now, check it out and give me your feedback. There is no such thing as bad feedback, just an opportunity to improve on something.

Twitter: @Frostie_1Thou
Instagram: @Frostie_1thou

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