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Whats the play? with Anthony 'Play' Douglas

BACK AT IT: What's The Play

FIRST OF all, I’d like to apologise to my regular column readers for the silence. It’s been quite an eventful few weeks, but I’ll do my best be more “on point” and stay on top of kings in future and appreciate you all for taking the time out to read what I've written.

I’ve decided to include a new segment called 'Hot on the Box' where I’ll give you a little insight into what I've watched and what I do or don't recommend.

On Saturday 21 October, I had the pleasure of speaking at ‘I Am Inspired’ Black History Special which was their third event of the year. It was the first time I've been asked to speak in my home town Brixton, which I find a little strange everything considered, but as it says in the Bible (Luke 4:24) A Prophet is not accepted in his hometown (not that I’m a prophet - lol, but you get my drift).

It was an absolute pleasure I must say, networking with and being surrounded by like minded individuals in my community.

‘I Am Inspired’, is an organisation that noticed a gap in the market for families not being able to communicate together effectively in a developmental way and the need to learn to take action in a conference/seminar environment.

The concept allows people and children from the age of eight upwards to be in an environment where they can be inspired, motivated and value and invest in themselves, while learning that it is ok to take risks in life and be held accountable for what they say and do.

It gives way to aspiring speakers and people like myself to have a platform to showcase who they are and how they would like to inspire others, while also providing a platform for young talent such as nine year old Lil Shan-Shan who is a young entrepreneur and is a practising motivational speaker, established rapper and founder of ‘Shoe Scents' to mention a few of her talents.

I was inspired by the creativity of the event and the spirit of the organiser Leticia Simpson who is a vibrant community trouper, as well as a radio host for the L8nighttalkshow (Sundays 9-11pm on Citylockradio) and is always giving to others.

I wish ‘I Am Inspired’ continued success in the future and look forward to attending their anniversary on February 24, 2018. Get in touch if you want to take part and follow on Instagram @sensationalsltd or for more information.


Riverdale season two
Episode 4, Netflix, every Thursday

Riverdale is the hot, dark show that has everything you need for a winters night watch, as a whole lot of drama unravels for these 4 teens...

You have Archie, the red headed leader of the pack, on the hunt to find the Black Hood who unexpectedly shot his dad Fred (played byLuke Perry for those who remember 90210). His quest leads him into a hot mess of violence and gangs whilst trying to keep his girlfriend Veronica’s gangster father off his back.

Veronica is the girl who will stop at nothing to get the truth even if that means family betrayal... Then there's Jughead - the rebellious self-entitled outcast who has crossed over to the south side of Riverdale putting his relationship on the line with Betty, who now finds herself at the front of the Black Hood killers want list. Get up to speed with season one and join me to see how the drama unfolds.

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