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WHEN YOU listen to the lyrics of the baby faced singer that is Shea Bryce, you may wonder how someone so young can express feelings so deep. Singing convincingly about loss and love, each verse of her new single Where Did You Go evokes a sincere lament on heartbreaks past and present, so when I spoke to the musician I was unusually quick to ask the lady her age.

As it turns out Bryce is 28-years-old and a non-smoker, which is lucky because the singer doesn’t believes she would be able to buy cigarettes without any identification.
Whilst young in appearance Shea’s age is reflected through her music and so are her relationship experiences.

Where Did You Go is a song about having somebody important in your life that you end up loosing and it deals with how you cope with that loss. It’s quite personal to me and when I’ve played it to other people, they have related to it for whatever reason. I like it - obviously, because I wrote it, but I’m really hoping that people like it.”

With her debut album, Grey Clouds & Rainbow Fingernails, soon to be releaesed the singer believes that although her music can not be placed in a genre, it represents her perfectly as a person.

“When I recorded this song, I wanted to shout it out loud and I was happy to make it my first single because it is a good representation of me.”

Describing music as a very important part if her life, Shea admitted that there was a time she didn’t believe she had the talent to be a singer, but one person changed her thinking – Lauryn Hill.

“Growing up, as a kid, I always wanted to be Mariah Carey, and I used to sing along to her songs, but I always felt that I wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t hit the notes the same way she did, I didn’t have the same octaves and I thought I wasn’t a good singer.

“But when I first heard Lauryn Hill, I was so in love with her voice, I realised she didn’t sing like Mariah, she didn’t do all the fancy stuff, she just used her voice. She sings with her soul and it made me realise that there was so much more to my voice and I appreciated what I actually had,” said the Croydon-born songwriter.

Now Shea is at harmony with her vocals so much so that she has written her album to reflect her vocal strengths.

“I really wanted to write an album that was vocally influenced, I don’t have a lot of backing vocals on my tracks, and I wanted to focus on the acoustic power of my voice and the personal effects of the songs.”

Admittedly it can be hard to be a personality in the music industry and remain true to yourself, many artists choose to sacrifice one for another, but when asked, Shea says that for her, there is no compromise.

“The most important thing is that I have my integrity in everything that I do. I know lots of people in the industry doing things they don’t want to and they are unhappy doing it. I think you should be happy doing it or don’t do it at all. Sometimes people say they have to, and money can make you do things you may not want to but if you want the money that much then don’t complain when you have to do certain things.”

Where Did You Go is due to be released on January 28, throughThis is Area 7

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