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Who are The Voice 'Super Mums' of 2013?

MOTHERING SUNDAY is on March 10 this year. As part of our 30 years in publication celebrations, The Voice will be honouring this special occasion with our first ever 'Super Mum' competition. There are fabulous prizes to be won!

Ekaya Housing Association is the title sponsor of The Voice 'Super Mum' competition. Ekaya is about supporting and enabling young mothers to be the Super Mums of the future.

Founded in 1987 to meet a specific need in the African Caribbean community, Ekaya teaches young women to parent and educate their children in a nurturing and positive way, no matter what obstacles life throws at them.


We are inviting you to tell us in no more than 200 words who you think are the Super Mums of 2013. Remember entry is FREE.

We will be having three Super Mum categories and our judges will be looking for:

1. Homely Super Mum- Her child or children have achieved beyond expectations

2. Single Super Mum - She is ambitious, dynamic and selfless. Always, caring for her own and others

3. Working Super Mum – She successfully juggles career with family life and community involvement. While, always managing to care for her children and others.


• Flowers from Interflora
• Hampers from Grace Foods
• Spa treatment compliments of Valencia Hill Spa
• Cosmetics from Fashion Fair
• Lunch with the editor of The Voice newspaper


If you think your mother, carer or grandmother is a 'Super Mum' then send us a photo of them and tell us in no more than 200 words why they deserve the 'Super Mum' title. Entries should be sent to: The Voice Newspaper, 1st Floor East, Moorfoot House, 221 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9FJ or email

A 70-word snapshot of your entry could be published in The Voice newspaper, so don't be shy to tell us how proud you are of your mother



Ekaya Housing Association founding member, Maggie Scarlett and The Voice Super Mum judge describes the essence of a 'Super Mum' in her own words:


The best mother is someone that is like a lioness, she lives and loves and cares for others but will sacrifice herself for her child. She will place herself in imminent danger and be ‘ready to kill or be killed’; whilst protecting her child.

The best mother does not have to have birthed her child but knows how to create a bond from the messages of the universe and life that is stronger than the spider’s web, which they say is stronger than steel. The best mother knows how to circle her child with the love and protection to empower her child to conquer that same universe!

The best mother is also someone who has the skills to allow her child to learn independence whilst respecting boundaries.

The best mother is someone who can see her child’s potential against all odds and will enable and empower, who can see the challenges her child faces but will encourage anyway.

The best mother will rebuke her child for thinking they are ugly and remind them that in fact she or he is a swan.

The best mother is someone who teaches her child to use love as a strength not a weapon. That life is a continuous battle; to be won at times whilst at others to compromise and to know the difference.

The best mother does not count her children, either birthed or given but loves them all as individuals with potential for greatness

The best mother sees all her children as blessings from the one they praise or pray to.

The best mother is someone who will see her child’s successes and rejoice. She will say her work is well done!

Maggie Scarlett is a qualified Child Care Professional with 35 plus years experience covering all aspects of children and their families, including psychological or emotional matters, as well as housing, education, health. She has been a manager within all these disciplines. She is also one of the founder members of Ekaya Housing Association.


Famous Super Mums we applaud you!

We have compiled just a few of the dynamic high profile mummies the UK has to offer:

Doreen Lawrence OBE, Patron of Ekaya Housing Association

Doreen Lawrence continues to show that a mother’s love is a powerful force for demanding positive change. The dignity, defiance, fortitude and resilience that Doreen has shown consistently in her 20 - year battle for justice over her son’s racist murder, brought the nation behind her, as every mother felt her anguish worldwide.

The road to justice has been long and frustrating, where many would have given up hope-Doreen Lawrence has shown the highest level of selflessness in her determination to ensure reforms of the police service.

A civil rights campaigner Doreen’s sacrifice has been our painful gain - in the result of the MacPherson public inquiry, that showed the primary cause of the failure for the Metropolitan Police to solve the Stephen Lawrence case, was that its police force was institutionally racist.

Doreen Lawrence we salute you as the ultimate super mummy- you are a mother to us all.


Baroness Floella Benjamin, OBE

Born in the heart of Trinidad's oil refinery district, Baroness Benjamin, OBE or Floella- as she is known to most people has simultaneously carved many impressive careers as a TV presenter and award winning children's TV producer has also become an accomplished actress, author, singer, businesswoman and an open liberal democrat but let's not forget she is also a proud mother of two boys.


Trisha Goddard

Daytime talk show host and seasoned Television producer Trisha Goddard, first came to prominence in the late nineties with her self-styled talk show, Trisha. Known for her sympathetic ear, straight-talk, and mumsy approach she quickly became the nations darling. Unafraid to air her trial and triumphs which included overcoming divorce, breast cancer, Trisha has openly discusses the traumas she experienced as a child, but has not let it spoil her enjoyment of raising her two wonderful children.


Oona King, Baroness King of Bow

At the age of 29, Oona King became the member of Parliament (MP) for the east London district of Bethnal Green and Bow, for the Labour Party. King was the second black woman to be elected to the House of Commons in the history of the British Parliament and more recently held the position of Chief Diversity Officer at Channel 4. Perhaps her greatest achievement goes to mothering her three adoptive children.

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