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Whoopi Goldberg: "Wearing weave is appropriation"

OPINIONATED: Whoopi Goldberg

WHOOPI GOLDBERG appeared on last Thursday's (April 6) episode of ABC's The View and shared her thoughts on the controversial Pepsi advert and cultural appropriation.

During the Hot Topics segment of the American talk show, Goldberg stated her opinion on the advert, which was pulled two days after its premiere, for receiving criticism for appropriating protests and social justice movements.

“Listen, now, there are some things where you can say, ‘Hey, you need to be more sensitive,’ but this ain’t one of them,” Goldberg said. “This is a bad commercial, that didn’t work. ... Remember, you see it on paper, and it looks good, it looks smart.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin challenged Goldberg, and pointed out Jenner and the Kardashian family’s history of cultural appropriation – which particularly fired up Goldberg.

“It’s just a crappy commercial! You know, this cultural appropriation stuff is starting to really make me crazy,” the 61-year-old actress/comedian said.

“If we’re gonna go with cultural appropriation, wear natural hair,” Goldberg said. “If we’re wearing white lady hair, isn’t that appropriation as well?”

Watch the clip below:

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