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Will the real black people please stand up

PRAISE: Ben Carson was lauded by Murdoch

FOR ONCE I am lost for words. And you know me, that's not a condition that I am familiar with. But when media mogul Rupert Murdoch suggests that Barack Obama is not a REAL black president I am totally gobsmacked.

We know why he's saying it. Because he hasn't been welcomed at the White House in the last eight years. Murdoch's words also suggest that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has made a pact with Murdoch to afford him an open invitation to sup at the presidential mansion any time he wants - should Carson win.

Carson is an African American and, no doubt, what Murdoch considers to be a REAL black president. That may very well be so, but I'm not going to get into the old divide and rule nonsense that has held black people back for hundreds of years and which was always perpetrated upon us by white folks. But is it not gobsmacking that it is a white Australian/American who decides who is REAL and who is not in the black community.

In the old days it was only WE who could see who was REAL and who was not. We could spot an authentic black person a mile off. We termed them ‘conscious', whereas an inauthentic black person was regarded as a ‘house negro' and other derogatory terms. I myself have been told that one or two of you regard me as a ‘bounty'. But that's all right. REAL recognises REAL as sure as ‘BOUNTY' recognises ‘BOUNTY'. But if we are to depend on the ‘other man' to define our ‘brotha man' then we are in more trouble than we realised.

My suspicions of Ben Carson are thus heightened. Obama is REAL. He's from the grassroots. So what if his ancestors never experienced enslavement. So what if his mother is white. As Peter Tosh sang over and over again, “No matter if your complexion HIGH, HIGH, HIGH/Or your 'plexion LOW, Low, low you're an AFRICAN."

As I said in this column a couple of weeks back, there are many of us who complain that Barack Obama has not delivered the race dividend of his presidential tenure. I, as I said then, dispute that. But for Rupert Murdoch to suggest that Ben Carson will end institutional racism and make black people equal class citizens in the USA where Obama has failed is to believe that you can fool all black people all the time.

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