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Woman's 'shameful' shopping trip helped her lose eight stone

WEIGHT LOSS: Caroline Kulemeka

A WOMAN who once weighed 20 stone has shed almost half her body weight after the shame of buying a size 22 coat prompted her to change her lifestyle.

Caroline Kulemeka, 35, lost a massive eight stone after deciding to take matters into her own hands 18 months ago.

Since then, Kulemeka has slimmed down to a svelte 12st 6 lbs and celebrated her weight loss by buying a new coat - in size 10.

Caroline, a call centre operator from Dudley, said she began eating healthily and running regularly to help the weight loss, after being shamed by buying a size 22 coat in October 2014.

She told The Mirror>: "It was one of those times where I desperately needed a new coat, and had no choice other than buying it - but I was mortified at the size.

"All I could think was 'how did I get to this?'

"It was quite a revelation and it made me realise something had to change."

Caroline grew up in Mali and moved to the UK to study more than ten years ago.

She rarely exercised before but is now getting ready to run in the London Marathon in April.

Caroline joined Weight Watchers in October, 2014, and lost seven stone.

Single Caroline, who was having blood pressure problems before losing weight, found that the lifestyle change didn't just become gruelling habit - she enjoyed it.

She's been enjoying substituting root vegetables for carbs, and said her favourite winter warmer is home-made butternut squash.

She said: "My weight always went up and down, but when you're a teenager your body adjusts and it's easy to lose and gain weight.

"But it got to a point where I realised that my body was piling on the weight and no longer losing it.

"But I learnt that my weight is something that I can control and change to a better me.

"Above all my life and health is definitely better than ever before."

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