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Wu-Tang's Christ Bearer 'proud' he cut manhood off when high

PROUD: Wu-Tang Clan's Christ Bearer

WU-TANG rapper Andre 'Christ Bearer' Johnson made headlines last year when he sliced off his penis with a steak knife and leapt from a second floor balcony during a ‘PCP party’.

Speaking about the self-mutilating incident, the 41-year-old told VLAD TV he had been as a ‘high as a mother****ing man with no sleep’ after taking a cocktail of drugs including PCP, crystal meth and a pure form of ecstasy known locally as ‘molly’.

Coupled with alcohol, sleep deprivation and suffering severe depression as a result of restraining orders placed on him by the mothers of his three children, Johnson says it all became too much.

“I was high as a mother****ing man, with no sleep and just frustrated 'cause I could not talk to my babies,” he said.

“And I'm paying like three child support payments and I'm seeing none of my kids, and I really thought for that moment in time that I really hurt myself by not having a vasectomy or whatnot.”

“I was going to give myself one.”

Johnson says the famed Wu-Tang Clan producer and director RZA was also present at the party in a north Hollywood apartment last year April, but did not take any drugs.

The hip-hop group later distanced itself from the rapper.

The California-born MC explained that prior to the incident he had been reading about monks who castrated themselves and was inspired by them.

After taking a steak knife to his manhood, the rapper estimated he had ‘made a flooper’ and cut too much off and was convinced he was going to die.

Johnson said he decided to jump from the second floor, a move he insists was not a suicide attempt, as he was certain he would bleed to death.

“How I jumped was just so heroic,” the rapper boasted. “I supermanned out that motherf*****.”

Johnson narrowly escaped death when his body landed on grass, just inches away from the concrete.

When he realised he was going to survive, Johnson said it was a 'celebration' that still continues to this day.

He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, where he was in critical condition and doctors attempted to repair the damage.

Contrary to popular reports, Johnson insists that there was no reattachment surgery, calling the procedure a ‘myth.’

The confident rapper did insist however that he was more than capable of being intimate with women with what remains of his penis.

“Due to the fact that it’s not a myth, the black man do - I’m not really going to go into it too much - we hangin’, so I’m still able to work with what I’m able to work with and get it down,” he affirmed.

Shortly after the incident, he was captured by TMZ cameras boasting of embarking on a career in the porn industry to prove his ability.

However, he used the interview with VLAD TV to clarify that it had been nothing more than a joke that went viral.

Johnson said that even though losing such an important part of himself still brings tears to his eyes, usually they are 'happy tears' because he is proud of what he did.

“I’m the only man ever did what the f*** I did, and I’m proud of it. Because in the annals of history, I don’t think you got anybody who ever did it,” he said. “I might’ve made the biggest mistake ever in history. But I’m proud of that.”

Since the incident Johnson said he has stopped using synthetic marijuana.

“I should be the poster boy for 'Don't do for PC-f***ing-P,’ he joked.

Christ Bearer forms half of the rap group Northstar who were initially signed by RZA as part of Wu-Tang Records.

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