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Young entrepreneurs fear AI rise for jobs

AI: Four in 10 young entrepreneurs would be happy to work for a robot

TWO-THIRDS of young entrepreneurs are concerned that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace could affect their job prospects but more than four in 10 young entrepreneurs would be happy to work for a robot.

The findings were revealed in a new report entitled ‘Robot Revolution: The impact of artificial intelligence on entrepreneurs and job prospects’, released this morning (Jul 7) by UK charity Young Enterprise.

When asked about the impact of AI in the workplace, more than three-quarters (76%) said they feared fewer jobs would be available due to the use of robots in the workplace. Just one in 10 think the rise of the machines will lead to more jobs and 14% said there would be no noticeable change.

When asked about the future role of robots in the workplace, nearly half of respondents (47%) expressed concerns at the prospect of machines taking up a large percentage of the workforce. Just over a third (35%) said they were neutral, and just 18% felt comfortable.

However, when asked if they would accept a job working for a robot 45% said yes, while 55% said no.

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