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Young people have their say on the election

KIDS 4 CORBYN: Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn with children during a visit to Hackney Marshes Football Pitches

'THE VOICE' took to the streets to find out what was really on the hearts and minds of young people in hte run-up to this June's General Election.

Eve Campbell, 20

No, they’re not. They should definitely target the ethnic minority communities more, because you don’t really tend to hear anything about it within them.

Nicole Nitton, 23

I think that the things that they’re stating in their manifestos are to some extent a bit fabricated just to make people happy. I don’t think they’re addressing the concerns of young people. Labour are also, in terms of tuition fees and the knife crime in London and things like that haven’t been addressed. It’s just kind of swept aside. There’s like a veil over it as they don’t want to depict London as a crime hub.

Shennika Hermanstyne, 20

I think so. They go around and make sure that everyone knows that there’s an election coming up.

Damilola Karate, 21

I think that they should advertise around universities more, to make sure that their policies more known to young people.

Tolu Aleshinloye, 19

Not really. I haven’t personally heard anything to say that they aren’t. I think they are reaching out to ethnic communities, but not enough that they’re driving the message.

Photo credits: Olivia Manchon, Emily Hill, Ellie Edwards and Nikki Brown

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