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'In 2020 Britain Will Get Its First Black PM'

DESTINED FOR NO 10: Chuka Umunna

THE LAST vote had barely been cast in the American presidential election when my phone rang and a journalist down the line posed that old chestnut, “When will we get our first black leader here in Britain?”

This time I decided to answer the question. “2020!” I replied.

Yes, that’s what I said. In eight years’ time we will get our first black Prime Minister here in Great Britain. How can I be so sure?

Well, only the most optimistic of political analysts from the Labour side of the spectrum really believe that Ed Milliband will become Prime Minister. No matter how many gaffes the Tory/Lib Dems make Ed Milliband still never manages to be the people’s choice and unless David Cameron falls into a really big hole full of mess between now and 2015, it is safe to assume that Ed Milliband is not going to become Prime Minister and the Lib Dem/Con pact will not become a Lib/Lab coalition agreement. And, if Milliband does not become Prime Minister at the next election he’s not going to make it as leader of the Labour Party through to the election after that in 2020.

That will be the point where Streatham MP Chuka Umunna will throw his hat into the ring. He will have no choice.  It is his destiny to lead his party. He was born to be Prime Minister.
The fact that he was made in the shade is incidental but for you and I it is paramount.

He’s the one guy I can see on the opposition front benches who can take on David Cameron and win. Okay, he’s not the finished article - yet. But in the next eight years he will be and judging by how much star appeal he brings with him to programmes such as Question Time, Labour will be mad if they don’t anoint him.

And he’ll be just the right age. In eight years time. Chuka will be 42, five years younger than Obama when he became President, but only a year younger than John F. Kennedy when he moved into The White House. If Chuka were to wait another four or five years to match Obama on age and to grow some fatty tissue around his chops, he might lose this golden opportunity in 2020. That perfect opportunity might only come around once in his lifetime. In which case we might have to wait until my daughters come of age to see the first black Prime Minister.

So Chuka, you better get our skates on. Eight years is barely enough time to get to Number 10, but like I say you should have been preparing for this since you were a toddler. But you have to get the community behind you because right now a lot of people ain’t feeling you. You’ve got the black single mum’s vote, all you need to do now is show the fellas that you’ve got balls - and clubs and parties to go to.

So yeah, with perfect vision, 2020 is when we will have our first black Prime Minister. I would put my house on it, but my missus won’t let me.

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