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'Avoid any kind of social media drama'

THE WORLD of job recruitment is increasingly competitive and most companies have to view hundreds of applications for every job opening they offer. This makes it hard for human resources to pick the best candidates and it slows the process down because too many people could be good enough to be interviewed personally. This is one of the reason why recruiters are looking at social media to see who is going to make the cut and who isn’t.

This might sound harsh and it could also sound like an intrusion to your privacy, but the truth is that social media was not meant to be something you can keep private. You are sharing photos, information and all kinds of data in a public place with all your friends and in some cases also with friends of your friends. You basically hand out the rights to everything you publish to a network and recruiters have every right to check your content.

The problem is that if you deny a company access to your social media they might this as a red flag and this could cost you the interview. This is the reason why the best thing you can do is start to be careful about what you post on Facebook. If you are a big fan of posting party photos of you drinking beer from a hat and passing out on the floor, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a callback when you send your CV out.

The most important thing is to always remember to make the most out of each update you post on social media. Twitter and Linkedin are also checked by some recruiters but the main focus is on Facebook because more people are usually going to be posting all kinds of photos and comments on this network. No other social media platform encourages casual comments and photos as much as Facebook does.

A good strategy is to do a heavy cleanup of your Facebook page before you send out any resumes that include your FB page. Watch out for too many photos of you drinking and partying. Also try to avoid comments like “tonight I will get drunk again” because this is the kind of red flag that recruiters are looking for. It doesn’t really matter if you feel that this is unfair or not. The only thing that matters is that it could cost you a job opportunity and as long as that is the case, you need to either adapt or face the consequences of not taking the proper precautions with your social media pages.

We are getting into a whole new world that is changing constantly and we have to be aware of these changes and adapt to them if we want to remain competitive. Even if you decide to become your own boss, you might find customers who will not give their money to you unless they get to know a bit more about you.

The main message here is to never forget that social media is no longer something to use carelessly. Everything you post can be used against you and this is more than enough of a reason to avoid becoming problematic with your networking. Just use the networks to communicate with your loved ones and avoid any kind of social media drama and you should be fine. Also remember never to talk badly about your boss because you never know who might be watching.

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