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Facebook and the social media update race

THERE IS a constant race between all social media platforms because users are constantly demanding more features.

This means if one platform makes a new addition, the others are forced to come up with their own version of the update. If they don’t, they WILL RISK falling behind with the interactive options their users have.

This is something that all of the most popular networks are struggling with while users work hard to keep up with everything in order to boost their business pages.

Facebook remains the leader of the pack, but despite their lead, it doesn’t mean that they can take a break and stop updating their network.

And true to form, they haven’t. Facebook have just announced their latest update, which will give profiles the look of business pages. This makes it easier for the administrators to be in control of what is going on with their visitors, as they will get a much better activity report.

The layout will even include a star rating, which will be affected by several factors.

This new update is just one of many expected on Facebook as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and other important social media networks.

Only time will tell which of these networks will innovate first, but at present it seems like they are all pitching in a good share of new ideas. As a result, the entire social media phenomenon grows stronger.

Facebook has announced a series of new changes for both the casual user and the business owners that want to expand their efforts in order to maximize their exposure and get more sales.

Updated design of Facebook Pages

Facebook is without a doubt the most powerful and popular social media platform in the world. There are over 30 million business pages that are actively posting information all over the word. As of June 6, all of those pages will be able to start taking advantages of quite a few new features allowing them to control a lot more of what goes on with their pages.
There is now going to be a much more interactive system for users to rate your page, but the most important changes are going to be in favour of the page owners.

The analytics of said pages is much better now. The new look how many ‘likes’ you’ve had in a week, how many people have seen your posts, how many messages remain unread, all of which will be placed in a convenient column.

This is going to allow for the page administrator to have a lot more information available to them without leaving their main page. That is the beauty of these new updates, they are really meant to make things easier from an administrative point of view.

Facebook is constantly changing and they are aware of the fact that a lot of their success is linked to their business community.

This is why they are always working hard to ensure users have as many tools available as possible. This is something that benefits both parties and allows for internet marketing to grow. Anyone who is involved in any kind of online business should always learn about the updates that are occurring and how they can take advantage of them.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Consultant, UK

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