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'Facebook fans are not seeing my posts anymore'

INTERNET MARKETERS all over the world are outraged because their organic reach has lowered significantly. This means that a lot of news that business pages are sending out is not being displayed on many of their followers’ feeds.

This is creating a serious conversion problem for a lot of marketers who work very hard to get a large amount of likes for their pages only to start seeing such a decline in the amount of people that their posts are reaching.

It seems like Facebook is now looking for new ways to get marketers to pay more money to get more exposure and this seems very evident with the changes in the exposure levels of organic feeds.

You can see the "boost post" button on each of your feeds and apparently Facebook is making it clear that this is the way things are now. They have said this is not something they have done on purpose and explained the reason why this happens is because of how big the network has grown.

They say that if you are not reaching enough people it's because the Facebook algorithm is displaying only the feeds from the pages each person is interacting with the most.

This means that if a person has hundreds of pages that they like, they will only get to see a few of them on their feed. The more friends and likes a person has, the harder it will be to see all of their feeds on your page. This does make sense, but it seems that even the organic views of people with very popular pages are being affected. That is one of the reasons why so many sellers are wondering what is going on.

Like Facebook explained, this can be due to a large number of their subscribers not interacting with the posts. The more people to ‘like’ your post or participate in discussions, the higher the changes that your feeds will be prioritised by the algorithm.

This is the best way to balance out this situation without spending some extra cash, but Facebook does encourage marketers to invest some money on their marketing campaigns. The features that are being given to those who use their paid advertising system are truly great and they do work.

You could also help your cause without spending money by sending out feeds that show your fans how they can get notifications from your business all the time. This is a great way to guarantee that they will always be able to see what is going on with your business. You could also come up with more contests and ways for people to interact with your business in order to get the most out of each visitor. There is nothing more important than to be able to do this regularly to build a strong relationship with all your subscribers.

Make sure you always do some good split testing for your ads and be more selective about what you are posting.

Never sacrifice quality for quantity and this is something that I say in many of my articles. There are very few things that are as important as your news feed quality and if you start to lower your standards, you will see a significant decrease in the interactions that you might be getting from your audience. Never forget that the amount of quality work that you put into your social media networking is going to reflect on how much success you have.

Remember all of these tips and you will be able to see more post reach on your statistics.

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