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How and when to use #hashtags

HASHTAGS USED to be something that a lot of people didn’t pay much attention as they didn’t seem important for the efficiency of internet marketing strategies. But today, hashtags have turned into an essential tool.

We are going to talk about the reason why they are useful and how often you should use them when creating posts in social media.

First of all you need to remember that hashtags were once something exclusive to Twitter but then made their way into Facebook and other social media sites too.

The beauty of a Hashtag is that it will expand the reach that your post can have immensely. It will go beyond the people who are connected to your network and anyone who types the tag will be able to find your content. This is the main reason why this is such a powerful method of marketing.

When it comes to Twitter, it has been proven that a tweet with hashtags will get twice as much exposure and engagement from the audience compared to a tweet that contains no tags at all.

This alone should be more than enough information for you to always consider using them on your tweets. The tweets that have the tags are also much more likely to get a retweet too.

Instagram is also affected greatly when hashtags are used. Being frequent with their use in both of those networks is going to be very useful, but things are not that way with Facebook.

It seems like the use of hashtags in Facebook posts is actually having a negative impact on the amount of engagement that the posts will get. So far, hashtags are actually proving to hinder the changes of reaching a larger audience, but perhaps there will be a moment when this will change so it’s always good to be on the lookout for updates.

Google Plus is not being affected by hashtags negatively or positively at this point but they have been incorporated as a valid way to tag a post too. The truth is that a lot of things are going to be changing in all social media platforms and you should keep an eye out on how these tags are affecting each network in order to be able to create the best strategies for all of them.

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