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How to avoid Facebook hoaxes

THERE ARE plenty of recurring hoaxes on Facebook at present.

Some of them may state that if you don’t share a message on the network asking the network to allow you to keep your account, your account will be deleted.

Others tell you that if you don’t ‘like’ a certain photo or video, you will be blacklisted by Facebook as someone who is not supportive of good causes.

The problem is that most people don’t realise these hoaxes are nothing but tricks that shady marketing companies come up with in order to make money from clicks.

There is also a very popular hoax related to the privacy and the ownership of everything that people post on Facebook.
Facebook’s terms of service states that they have the right to share and distribute your content, but stipulate they do not own it.

This is why you should never be worried about random announcements suggesting Facebook will steal your photos and information for profit.

You should understand how networks like Facebook work to avoid falling victim to marketing companies who will use you to gain clicks. Though some may be legitimate, you’ll find in many cases they are nothing but jokes and hoaxes meant to scare people with no profit being involved.

The truth is that usually there will be something behind this system and it’s usually meant to harvest profiles for marketing purposes at the very least.

Always keep in mind that these announcements and these kind of tactics are never approved by Facebook.
When Facebook has something important to announce, they will make sure it is both official and legitimate.
Anyone using Facebook should always use the network carefully to begin with.

You should never share any compromising information in documents, photos or videos, which will ensure things run smoothly for you while using this platform.

It is also the best way to avoid feeling like your information could be stolen. If you don’t post anything that you find to be too personal or private, you won’t feel anxious about what Facebook could do with the content you upload.

In conclusion, you need to stop worrying about hoaxes, which in turn will allow you to use the network freely without worrying about who owns the right to your content.

Sharon Callix
Award-winning social media consultant, UK
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