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How to be an entrepreneur and a parent

WE ARE living in a world where time is more valuable than ever.

Most people live fast-paced lives not because they want to, but because that’s the way how the world is functioning today. Of course, the same goes for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs often feel like they lack time for other things in their lives and this is especially complicated if the entrepreneurs have another role on their life – being a parent.

A lot of people believe that you can be successful only in one field –your job or your family. But, that’s not true and many successful entrepreneurs are successful parents too.

The truth is that sometimes balancing these two things is difficult, but that doesn’t mean that this task is impossible. Entrepreneurs just need to follow some advice of their colleagues that have found a way to make balance between parenting and “entrepreneuring”.

We often hear that we should never mix our personal life with our work. Although this advice is generally correct, there are situations where you should not follow it.

There is nothing wrong if you bring your children to your place of work every once in a while. This way, they can see what exactly you are doing when you are not at home. It will be much easier for them to understand why you are absent from your home and they will surely appreciate your work more. This option is especially convenient if you work alone in your office or for those who have improvised offices within their homes. Don’t make this area a no-go area for your children.

Many entrepreneurs feel guilt when they feel the excitement and the passion they have for their work. This is natural and there is no need to be ashamed because of it.

Loving your job doesn’t mean that you don’t love your family enough. These two types of loves are different.

If you love your job as an entrepreneur it means that you are a happy person and you will be a lot more fun when you are spending time with your kids. People that hate their job are usually moody even if they don’t work much each day.

Remember, if you have made a promise to take your kid to the park you should keep that promise and most importantly be present both physically and emotionally. Walking with your child in the park or taking him to the playground is pointless if you keep checking your emails and cell phone. Focus on your kids and have some quality time spent together.

Finally, try to understand how your kids feel. They certainly love you but that doesn’t mean that they need to be with you 24/7 and they don’t expect a father or a mother that tries to tell jokes and entertain them all the time. They also need to spend some time alone or with their friends and you should respect that. Just try to figure out when they need your presence more and don’t forget to be there at those moments.

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