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How the internet can help students raise vital funds

STUDIES SHOW the average college student spends at least £700 per month, despite receiving as little as £400. This means that they are ending up with a £300 shortfall every single month, which is very concerning.

Subsequently, a lot of students are relying on their parents’ income instead of getting jobs.

In some cases, this is positive because they are studying all-day and spend the little free time they have left doing extracurricular college activities.

The current situation lowers stress and other factors that could hinder them from getting good grades. Working while studying is not beneficial because it doesn’t allow the student to become fully submerged in the learning experience.

As a result, a lot of people are asking higher learning institutions to start giving students a much better financial support that is going to allow them to go to class without money worries.

This is not new, but the cost of higher education is increasing and this is forcing more students to get into high debt or relying on contributions from their parents.

The problem is in many cases parents can’t always afford to help their kids with their payments causing stress levels to get higher and higher.

Some students have the option of taking on a part-time job, but they would rather focus on learning. The biggest problem is that what they make is usually still not enough to cover their expenses.

A good way to help with these issues is to initiate a crowd funding campaign assigned to send money to colleges and distributed amongst students who are having trouble making payments.

This would be a great way for an entire community to solve these problems facing our college students and thanks to the internet and social media, these kind of campaigns can easily be created and brought to light.

One of the best things about crowd funding campaigns is that when people see a cause that is truly beneficial, they will more than likely support it.

A number of students could also organise peaceful protests asking executives at their institutions provide better financing.

Sadly the economy is not good for a lot of people right now and even though people want their children to succeed, they can’t afford to provide them with all their financing needs.

Hopefully, more people will start to see how useful the Internet can be in order to get some funding for important issues such as this one.

There is no excuse not to do some research and learn a little more about what you can do as a student, as a parent or simply as a citizen who is concerned for the future of the students in your area.

Anyone can get involved and help out with any amount of cash that they can send in. This is why encouraging crowd funding is so important.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Consultant, UK

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