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How to make friends on Facebook

FACEBOOK HAS proven to be a very useful network for people who are looking for new friends. There are plenty of people who probably live near your area who could prove to be interesting friendships for you to have. Even those who live in other continents could be great friends who will share important knowledge with you and could help you through bad times and give you advice when you need it.

Here some situations you will probably encounter in the process of making friends on the social media site.

If you see someone with a similar hobby or activity, tell them about it:

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make a new friend on Facebook is to send them a message letting them know that you share the same passion they have for a certain activity or hobby. If they like music you like or enjoy sports as you then this is a great way to break the ice. People tend to be very receptive to those who share common interests with them. This is also not classed as spamming.

Don't be afraid to add people you don't know! Just be careful what you say:

If you feel like adding people you don’t know might be a bad idea, just remember that everyone is a stranger to us until we talk to them and Facebook is no different. You just need to make sure you don’t say anything that might freak people out. Don’t seem to overly excited and needy to have a new friend and whatever you do never send a message asking why they have not responded to your Facebook requests if they haven’t. This would make you seem a little crazy and pushy.

How to get over being unfriended – does it bother you?

It’s always hurtful when someone ignores us or goes out of their way to avoid our friendship in real life and the feeling can be similar when someone deletes us from their Facebook. It can make you feel like there is something wrong with you but you need to remember that not everyone is going to like you and you are not going to like everyone. This is a very normal thing and everyone goes through it. It’s impossible for any individual to be liked by everybody. Even the nicest person can be disliked by others just because they are nice.

Handle Awkward Friend Requests on Facebook:

If you ever come across a person who sends you a friend invite but they are acting strange or being too excited about it, you can easily handle this by telling them you can’t accept new friend requests right now because of security reasons that you had in the past. This way you will avoid becoming friends with someone you don’t want to or you could just not accept their request and if they contact you again just tell them about the security issues and report it.

Recently many Facebook users are receiving messages from strangers asking them for money or saying they like their profile. These people range from hackers, fake profiles, to people who are trying to access your login details. So avoid being a victim of this DO NOT respond or even open the message. Facebook normally picks up these messages quick enough and is able to identify the said user by blocking them from your account.

Make sure you try to become friends with people who have similar business interests too:

Having Facebook friends can be something that really helps you build good business relationships and you should try to look for people who have similar jobs and goals in life. Don’t just focus on those who like the same movies, music and sports as you do. Take the time to look for those who have similar careers and business ideas and this can easily help you. Facebook can be a great network as long as you know how to manage your time in there and the kind of friends and pages you subscribe to.

Always remember to stay safe and report anything you class as suspicious.

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