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Iran is no enemy of black Britain

SENTENCE: Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

DO YOU consider the Iranian state apparatus to be a hot bed of Islamic terrorism and essentially evil? Do you believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons? Do you believe that Iran has declared a wish to wipe any country off the face of the earth?

Are you worried that Iran may launch a missile aimed straight at the heart of London sometime soon? Do you believe that Iran is the principle meddler in other countries’ affairs within the Middle East? Do you consider Iran to be the chief state sponsor of terror in the world?

If you get your news solely from the major news outlets, you could be forgiven for believing all of these things. Even though they have either been proven to be false or likely to be manufactured truths (i.e. ‘true’ as a result of being repeated countless times and hardly ever probed for fact).

It is clear that the three-decade long ‘cold war’ between Iran and the West is heating up. As with any war the first casualty has been the truth. The second casualty has been the integrity of the Western media.

In recent times at least four Iranian nuclear scientists – as well as innocent bystanders – have been murdered as a result of bombings or shootings at the hands of unidentified, likely to be foreign, assailants. In the West we usually call this terrorism... but not when it happens in Iran.

There was no sympathy for Iran. In fact, in the aftermath of multiple terror attacks against its own citizens, Iran was slapped with sanctions for, in part, ‘terror related activity’.

Israeli ambassadors were recently subjected to assassination attempts in multiple countries. It is unclear who orchestrated the attacks. The Israeli prime minister pointed the finger firmly at Iran, which may indeed be the case, although the Iranian regime deny any involvement. Many Western media outlets treated the Israeli prime minister’s opinion as fact. However, when the roles were reversed and Iran accused Israel of responsibility for the atrocities against them, equally plausibly, hardly anyone gave the allegation credence.

Everything that happens in Iran becomes a newsworthy event. And quite often rightfully so. Take the disgusting and sad case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. She was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran following a conviction of adultery. With very good reason the media covered the case endlessly, and it generated international outrage (a reaction which may have saved her life).

But compare that coverage and outrage to the near non-existent reporting of the case of Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser, a Saudi Arabian woman who was actually beheaded late last year for ‘sorcery and witchcraft’.

It seems that the Western establishment are eager for any pretext to go to war with Iran, or at least, as they often promise, are ‘not taking any options off the table’. As a result of this in the weeks, months and possibly years to come you will be bombarded with all sorts of intense anti-Iranian propaganda. Some of it may even be true, but all of it will serve a single purpose: to make you think less of the Iranian people and therefore not care if bombs start falling.

There is no conspiracy here. Demonising and dehumanising the people of non-ally Middle Eastern countries, especially Iran, has become culturally expedient within the West. Be that as it may, the people of Iran (who will be the principal victims of any aggression) have done nothing to us. Iran is no enemy of Britain. And Iran is especially not an enemy of black Britain.

Black Britain in particular has no interest or interests in war. We do not benefit from the spoils of war – we are not granted high-level jobs with oil companies, or oil exploration rights. We die in wars and are posthumously insulted.

Resist the propaganda and – just as importantly – resist any perverse justifications of war.

Malcolm X famously said: “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” A quote as true today as it was then.

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