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A look at Twitter's new Periscope app

NEW APP: Twitter has launched a new live streaming app

THERE HAS been a lot of a buzz about Twitter's new streaming app, with many people having heard about it but not being entirely about what it is and how it actually works.

The Periscope app is the newest addition to a large number of important applications that Twitter has been implementing into their platform.

This one is a live streaming video app and it can broadcast video from any location on the globe. This means that you can watch anything that is going on in any part of the world as long as someone is using the app to broadcast it.

The app's main rival is Meerkat, which also offers a similar method of broadcasting, but the main difference is that with Periscope, you can actually replay any stream for up to 24 hours - the first for any similar streaming app.

The main issue with this kind of application is that it requires 4G speeds at least in order to function properly. The good thing is that 4G is quickly becoming the standard mobile internet speed, so this is not likely to be an issue for very long.

Twitter is definitely working hard to maintain a high level of updates that are going to be beneficial for the platform.

And it seems like video streaming is going to be a huge hit, but it creates a new headache for the entertainment industry. Just imagine how many people will use it to stream concerts live to their friends at home. With the option of watching a concert from their smartphone, people may prefer to skip and watch it for free.

This is the kind of thing that might lead to more piracy, but it can also have very useful ways to being applied.

PERISCOPE: The app works best with 4G enabled devices

There is a lot that can be expected from this kind of application and we might be able to get a very good idea of how well it will do in just a few months.

It is always essential to consider the importance of having a proper service being provided to you when you are trying to broadcast a live video for a special reason.

Periscope is going to allow people to do this in a seamless and very intuitive way as long as they have the connection speed required for it.

The world of video streaming technology is moving at a much faster pace than ever before and it will probably take less than a year for all smartphone users to have speeds that are good enough to stream without any slowdown or lack of quality.

If you are still using 3G technology, you might not experience the kind of streaming that Periscope is meant to provide, but 4G does allow for a very good experience with it.

Users will also have the option of choosing the maximum number of people who can watch the broadcast and this will greatly improve the quality of the stream.

If you want to learn more about Periscope, you should give it a try as soon as possible and see if it will be the kind of app that you want to use for your phone.

There is no doubt that we will be seeing plenty of upgrades for this app in the near future, so stay tuned for updates on Periscope and mobile video streaming in general over the next 12 months.

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