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Making your next event a success on social media

NOW THINGS are very different when it comes to how we invite people to an event.

Here we will highlight some of the very helpful ways, for those who are interested in learning how to make better use of social media for this purpose.

If you are planning to invite people to an offline event by using the internet, you should have some sort of page or platform that allows you to create these events. Facebook is very user friendly and allows you to do this freely.

Everyone is going to want to know details about it and you should have something that you can give them to pass it around easily. The best thing you can do is create an event page for it so it can be shared.

If you are planning on making several events in the future, you can make the decision to create a Facebook page and this way you will be able to make as many events as you want. You should do the same on your LinkedIn page if you have one. Twitter will also serve the purpose of announcing any events you might have, so it’s definitely a good idea to focus on those 3 websites above any other.

If you want to become a good event promoter you should start networking with other people and promoting their events too. This will make it much easier for you to build a pleasant team of people who will back you up when you need to get your own events out there.

Another essential rule when you become a promoter is to avoid posting the same content several times a day. Posting it twice would be ok, but anything above that could turn you into one of those people that annoy everyone with their posts. Share quality events and people will always be happy to see your updates.

You should always use hastags or the @ key when you want to give some extra exposure before the event and also on the day of it. In this case the best platform to use has to be Twitter because people will usually tweet that they are having an incredible time in your event while they are still partying or networking.

This is why you should create hastags for your events. Never underestimate the power of tweets when people are satisfied with something they will usually tweet it.

You should always try to have as many photos as you can so that the promotion will be even better for other future events. Anything that is visual is always more responsive.

Another important way to make sure that you are able to get as many people to attend events you promote is to use an email list. The use of a good email with a URL to the event is something that always works very well. When you have hundreds of emails that you have collected from people who willingly gave them to you, there is a good chance they will read it and lick on the link you provide.

So there you have it. Those are some of the best ways to make sure that your next event is very successful. All you need to do is be creative with your ideas and the social media platforms and emails will help you make them popular.

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