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No Queen for Jamaica?


JAMAICA IS considering ditching the Queen as head of state - gwan Jamrock, with yuh bad self! I spoke with a Jamaican senator the other day who explained that they have to dump Her Majesty because they don't get the respect that other subjects do.

He pointed out that Jamaicans need a visa to come to the ‘mother country’, and there is the likelihood that their application may be declined. Which is embarrassing if you're a Jamaican and you have got to make a representation in the highest court in Jamaica, which is the Privy Council in London.

Like the Scots, who want their independence from Britain, Jamaicans are divided between those who love Her Majesty and those who could not care less. But why did they have to wait until the Queen’s diamond jubilee to give her the bad news? Does she not love calypso too? Just like the rest of us.

Yes, have your independence if you so wish, Jamaica, but please wait until 2013 (unlucky for some) to jettison the Queen. And I would not be surprised if when you vote against her she decided to pack it all in and pass the duchy (and the crown) on the left hand side to Prince Charles.

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