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No room at the palace for little Alexandre

SHUT OUT: Prince Albert with former flame Nicole.(LEFT) No line to the throne for their son Alexandre.

AS THE glitterati celebrated the marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco to his new bride South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock at the weekend, one could only wonder what must have been going through the mind of his old paramour Nicole Coste, who happens to be the mother of the Prince’s youngest son Alexandre Éric Stéphane Coste.

In 2005, Nicole Coste, a former Air France hostess from Togo, told the French magazine Paris Match about her affair with the Prince. It was then that the world learnt about the existence of their then 22-month-old son Alexandre. (Prince Albert is also the acknowledged father of a 15-year-old girl born to an American woman in 1992.)


After the ensuing hoopla that followed the publication of the ten page exclusive interview, the Monegasque government, (by order of the Prince’s late father Rainier), set about changing the constitutional laws quicker than rats up a drainpipe.

The new laws made it impossible for illegitimate children to be in line to succeed to the throne.
Apparently illegitimate children are nothing new in the Royal Family of Monaco.

In every generation for the last hundred years a Grimaldi has had children outside of marriage.

Although they have no claim to the Monegasque throne, if acknowledged they become heirs to the personal fortunes of his Royal Baby Daddyness.

It shows that despite the world moving on and some once hallowed traditions seemingly being torn up and re-written, some remain in place.

Men can go out and populate the earth, but the kids that count are the ones borne after the men say “I do.”

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