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'Our youth deserve a future too!'

JOB HUNT: Man looks in window at job vacancies

IT WAS announced on a news programme last week that youth unemployment will reach one and-a-half million in the near future.

I had just returned from a two-week vacation in the Caribbean. Before I left for my holiday, young men and women from black communities had been labelled criminals by the Prime Minister from his pulpit in the House of Commons.

I have lived in this country for 49 years, and I am certain that the young men and women from the class to which David Cameron belongs are assured of their future in work. Politicians and professionals from the ruling caste will make certain that their children and grandchildren will be employed, come what may. Not so the young from within our communities. Already they are deemed criminals and the tenor of his outburst indicates that they will remain hopelessly so.

So far ours are mere statistics; faithless and consigned to a lumpen proletarian life. How they live, what they do from sun up to sundown is of no concern to any of those who rule and govern. Do the coalition Government believe that black teenagers and young people will sit idly by and accept a lifetime of nothingness?

The parade of fashionistas that we see on TV are there to tease and taunt the public to chase the images. The fancy car, the jewellery, the neatly furnished homes are not to be ignored, I am sure. Our offspring will not be left behind as the obedient detritus of British humanity, consigned to the dustbin of contemporary life.

The political leaders and social grandees speak in foreign tongues about how we arrived at this sorry pass. What on earth is quantitative easing? What indeed is the Eurozone crisis and the rest of the gobbledygook in which they encircle themselves? We, our children and grandchildren are not responsible for the economic social mess that we are in. But we can offer a solution.

Why not shorten the working week, and the working day? That seems to be the only way we can reduce unemployment on a massive scale and by so doing increase the productivity of this tiny nation state called England.

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