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Overcoming the things you fear

IF THERE is one thing that most people fear it’s to speak in front of an audience.

Just the thought of having to address a lot of people and having nothing to rely on except your words is something that the average person struggles with. The idea of being put in a situation where you can be judged and criticised is enough to put someone in a state of anxiety and stress.

You might be wondering what this has to do with the use of social media, but there are many similar factors.
Most Twitter pages have an average of 150 to 200 followers, so if you had all those people in a room to talk to them, that would be a great amount of people. If you also brought in the people who saw your re-tweets this would make the number even larger. It would probably be hard for you to handle that pressure.

Social media brings a good amount of comfort to most people because they are not dealing with each individual face to face. All they see is profile photos and names. However, it is one thing is to address people in an environment that allows you to think carefully about your updates and another to say the same thing in real time in front of an audience.

A lot of people fear social media exposure and this is their excuse to avoid making that step into the world of internet marketing with such platforms.

They will always make excuses about what kept them from making these changes or claim they don’t know what to post or how to post it. The excuses are there for those who want to have them, but this fear of trying out something new brings us to the first thing on the list; the fear of change.


Let’s face it, the most common thing you will hear when it comes to trying new things, is the inherent fear of change. Most people even fear change when it happens for a good reason and even when it will have positive outcomes for them.

Things like this are the reason why people get mad when a social media platform changes some of the features or the look of their website.

The same happens for most business owners who feel comfortable with a routine that has worked for them, but when something better is brought to their attention, they will discard the idea because of that fear.
The biggest issue with doing this is that you will start to fall behind the competition and you won’t even know this until it’s too late to bounce back.


This can be one of the most crippling fears that people have to deal with. They have it on a personal level and also with their business.

If you live with this fear, you will never try anything and you will always be mediocre.

This can occur in social media with the fear that no one will like and follow your page. You’re afraid of looking like a failure and can become crippled by that mere thought. But guess what? Most people are out there are too busy trying to make a living to think about the likes you have on your page.

If you try, you will make things happen and although they may not won’t work out the way you wanted, the only way to succeed is to try and try until things happen.


There are so many things that can make us feel like we will fail at what we do. The deadlines to finish a job, the pressure to get more clients for your business to grow, the competition being way ahead of you, etc. The problem is that most people never realise the worst way of failing is to fail at trying at all.

If you fail because you tried to do something, you are actually in the right track believe it or not. Most successful business owners failed many times before making things work.


Everyone seems to want the money and the success, but very few people are ready to handle the consequences of achieving such status.

Some people think that they can succeed with their business without taking it out there for everyone to see it, but this is usually not the case and you have to understand that there will be competition and there will be people who will try to make you fail so that they have success.

The world of business is very unforgiving and you have to learn that this is part of the game.


A lot of people fear if they open up a forum or allow any kind of comments to be made about their business, there will probably be a lot of negative feedback involved.

This could actually be true if your business is not providing quality service, but even when you have a great service to offer, you will always have someone who will not be satisfied with what you gave them.

The more clients you have, the more chance that someone is not going to be happy. You need to put yourself out there and when you get negative feedback, you should deal with it like a professional and fix the issue.

This will give you a lot more respect form your clients and you will actually be perceived as someone who cares about the feedback even if it’s not positive. You will feel in complete control of all the situations that arise in the future.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Consultant, UK

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