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Protect yourself from the Internet explorer security bug

THE INTERNET has become a place that we visit on a daily basis and this means that we need to be aware of the many dangers that are out there too.

There are all kinds of security issues that people need to learn about and this range from the basics of identifying scams from legitimate offers to knowing how to safely browse websites without becoming vulnerable to attacks.

There are many browsers available for surfing the web, but the even the most popular ones can have vulnerabilities that we need to take into consideration. Internet explorer is one of the most frequently used by millions of people all over the world and there are some security bugs you need to take into consideration.

There is a very serious security bug on Internet Explorer and it has yet to be fixed. This bug can allow hackers to gain access to computers, steal passwords and steal all sorts of vital and private information from people.

This is something that is causing quite a concern for many users because the few ways to get rid of the bug require either some technical knowledge or the purchase of special software to protect the computer and get rid of the vulnerability. There is also the option of disabling all flash features and plugins but this would mean that you could not watch any flash videos, website banners or games. This would also include YouTube and other sites that stream with FLV format.

It would seem like the best solution and the most practical one for most people is to simply switch to another browser that doesn’t have this vulnerabilities. You have two options that you can easily adjust to and they both offer great security and easy navigation options. One of them is Firefox and the other is Chrome. They both have options that allow you to import all of your bookmarks from Internet Explorer and this way you won’t lose all the sites you have been bookmarking all this time.

A lot of people seem to have problems trying out new software for all kinds of activities online, but the best thing to do is try out other options and see if they are good for you. There is no need to put your information at risk just because you are used to browsing the internet with IE and you don’t feel like getting used to a new interface. The great thing about internet browsers in general is that they are very similar and you will get used to a new one in no time.

You also need to consider switching to a new operating system if you are still using XP. The support and update patches for XP will stop being released and this will make it very vulnerable to all kinds of new attacks. For this reason you really need to update your OS soon and we recommend either win7 or win8. For some people Windows 7 is more user friendly but other think that Windows 8 is better. Both of them are very secure and get constant security patches released.

The most important thing is to be able to browse the web safely and avoid having any vital information stole from you.

Most of us are using the internet for a lot more than just chatting and checking emails. We log into out bank accounts, check our credit reports and do all kinds of activities that involve the use of a lot of vital information that we don’t want anyone out there being able to see and steal. This is why we need to keep security in mind at all times.

Stay safe online.

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