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Russia threatens to block major social media networks

THERE IS no question that the laws on the internet have changed quite a bit in the last decade and there are many countries that are adapting those changes to their modern laws and making sure that the internet is regulated properly to avoid any misuse of this technology.

The Russians have sent letters to Google, Twitter and Facebook warning them that they could get blocked nationwide if they don’t comply with the regulations that the Russians have requested.

The main concern of the Russian government is that blogging is being used to allow people to cause social unrest and to provoke rioting anonymously.

They demand that blogger information should not be kept from governments, which has resulted in the threat of blocking these networks. This brings a series of questions.

The first is the possibility that the Russian government solely want to let the community know that all blogging activity will now be monitored and that they should therefore post with that in mind.

There’s also a likelihood that the government want this information to see whether they have people in their own parties who are working against them anonymously.

The thing to keep in mind is that this does make everyone consider the loss pf privacy and the freedom of anonymity online.

Being anonymous online is a double-edged sword that can cause more problems than solutions.

A lot of terrible cybercrimes have taken place because people are being given the liberty of browsing the internet without identifying themselves. This is the kind of thing that has been debated by millions of people all over the world.

There is also the issue of millions of Russians losing the privilege of conducting business with Google, Facebook and Twitter and this would leave a very large number of Russian families without any income at all.

This country has a large number of internet users who actually make use of the internet for their full time income and this radical decision by the government could prove to be extremely damaging and it could cause even more unrest.

This decision would very well start a chain of events that could make things a lot more difficult for the Russian government, but they are definitely firm about this decision and only time will tell how this will unfold and how Google, Facebook and Twitter will react to this.

It will not be any good for any of the parties involved if Russia decides to block those social networks completely.

This would generate a lot of anger both inside that nation and all over the world.

The issue here is that there is need for internet regulations, but the freedom of speech that every individual has is also going to have to be tied to their identity being made public.

There is a very good chance that every single person who goes online will have to use a specific ID in order to gain access to the web. This is going to revolutionise the way in which the internet is used and it will also rid the web of many scams that are going on online.

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