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There's something about Will

ANNOYING: The Smith family

HAVE TO say it. There is something rather irritating about the Smiths. On his own Will is fabulous. A greater role model of determination and willpower you’d be hard pushed to find.

But together – Will, Jada, the over ripe Willow, Jaden – I just can’t take them.

For the life of me I don’t know what it is as on the face of it they are a together, successful family who appear to adore each other. But with that there is an aura of supreme smugness and arrogance which is hard to take.

Perhaps where some people see arrogance others see confidence. However it’s surprising that since both Will and Jada have literally grown up in Hollywood, they more than anyone else would know what unchecked fame, wealth and excess can do to adults much less to children. If they were ever to forget, just look at the Jacksons, and particularly Michael - a stark reminder of where the yellow brick road can lead.

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