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Twitter mute button being tested

SOCIAL MEDIA platforms are in a constant struggle to innovate and update their systems in order to keep people coming back. There is a very fierce competition going on with quite a few networks that are trying to maintain their popularity while others are close behind them working hard to climb the popularity charts and be on the list of most popular sites to visit for all kinds of social networking activities.

This is the main reason why we are always seeing news about new implemented technologies in all of the relevant platforms. They know that they need to answer to every major issue that their users are reporting and they need to find solutions fast.

Twitter is currently the second most popular website online and they have a very large number of new features that they have added in the last couple of months. Your Twitter page has a completely different look now and some text priorities have been implemented such as the larger font for messages and smaller font for usernames.

Now Twitter is faces with a new challenge that requires that there is something implemented so that people can get rid of the feeds of people they don’t want to have on their news feeds but without having to lock the person or unfollow them. Facebook already implemented this feature and this is a great thing that makes it very easy for people to get rid of any news feed from people that always post things that are of no interest to them. With Facebook you can unfollow someone and you don’t have to either block or unfriend that person and they won’t even know if you are not following them. In the case of Twitter if you unfollow someone you would be unfriending them, so they have come up with their own solution which is being tested now and they have called it the mute button.

When people use this feature they will be able to stop receiving public tweets from some of their contacts while always being able to get private messages from them. This is something that is very important and it can save you a lot of unwanted drama with people who easily get offended if you block or delete them. This could prove to be a great thing to have when you follow someone on Twitter that you are related to or maybe some coworker that you don’t particularly care to have on your feed. It will make things easier for you and you can finally have a news feed that will only show you things that you actually want to see.

The best thing about this change is that you can always unmute a person to receive their tweets on your news feed if you ever want to. This is going to make it so much easier for you to make the decision of muting them without any relevant consequences deriving from such action.

Another thing that you need to consider is that muting other users will be a good way to stop using Twitter for any activities that waste your time. There is a lot of useless information being share on social media at all times and you want to do everything you can to keep it as clean and productive as possible.

The button is still being tested but it is expected to be rolled out to all Twitter users very soon. This will be a very welcome feature that is already available in other platforms and Twitter cannot afford not to have it on theirs if they want to continue to be as popular as they are.

By Sharon Callix, Award Winning Social Media Coach/Consultant 2014, UK

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