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The upcoming relevant changes on Twitter

WE ALL know that social media networks are constantly upgrading and updating their platforms in order to keep people interested and to remain at the top of the game.

Twitter is going to be rolling out new changes on your profile.

Here is what and you can expect from them.

The profile image will be larger now

You will notice that you can now upload a larger image to your Twitter profile. It can be 256x256 and this gives you profile a stronger presence on the page. The photo is now located to the left side of the profile instead of being in the centre.

The new cover photo is designed to take up the entire screen and will resize with the size of your browser. The cover photo has also been enhanced

It’s obvious that Twitter are going to do everything they can to keep up with anything that Facebook and other networks are doing, which is they have made the cover photo larger. The cover photo can now be as large as 1500x500. This is a great way to create all kinds of graphic content for your cover photo. A lot of people have been able to sell a product or service with very creative cover photo ideas for their social media pages. This is an excellent way to create social media branding.

Font size is larger for Tweets

The people at Twitter are trying to keep the focus on the tweets and this is the reason why they have increased the font size of the Tweet and made the Twitter handle smaller. This is a great way to keep the attention on the content.

You can now pin your Tweets

This is one of the best new features that they have added. You can now get one of your Tweets pinned to the top of your feed and this will remain on the top of the tweet list as long as you keep it pinned. This is particularly great for contests and other posts that require longer exposure. You can enhance your marketing strategies a lot more thanks to this feature.

You can now filter the tweets

When you are checking out a profile you can now filter if you want to see tweets with replies or just tweets with photos or tweets with videos. This can be particularly good if you just want to be able to check out what the person who owns the account has posted without having to look at any replies that they have received.

These are the most relevant changes to the Twitter profile that you will see very soon. They have already been implemented to many profiles but this is happening gradually and at some point everyone will be able to benefit from these features. Make sure that you update your profile pic and cover photo as soon as you can because this can have much more impact on your social media efforts that you might think.

The important thing is that you evolve with the updates and keep your page looking as professional and slick as you possibly can. There is no way to deny the power and influence that social media has in modern society and if you plan to remain competitive in the current market you need to maintain a level of quality that is truly going to stand out from the crowd.

Twitter remains one of the most popular networks in the world and this means that you should always pay close attention to any changes that are being made to it. Now that you know about these updates we invite you to take full advantage of them for your business.

By Sharon Callix, Award Winning Social Media Coach/Consultant 2014, UK

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