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What is social listening?

YOU HAVE probably been using social media sites for a few years now and in that time, have more than likely been able to build a fair amount of followers.

However, you may also find that you have not been able to get much conversion from your current following or maybe you don’t have enough followers to begin with.

In either case, you need to learn to take the time to listen to what is being said about your business. You also need to take the time to engage your audience and both answer their questions or reply to their feedback - even if someone writes a bad review or has a something to complain about.

The method of social listening involves being aware of everything that is being said about you online. You need to learn to take care of your online reputation.

There are some situations when your competitors could leave negative feedback about you, so you have to be able to distinguish whether this is the case in order to defend your business with proof of your efficiency instead of being negative or avoiding a response. You will be able to have better control of your reputation if you do this.

Always listen to what is being said and search your business name in Google in order to see what kind of activity you find.

Another important thing is to ask direct questions to your clients and allow them to have an opinion about a certain service that you have.

If you let them give their opinion and they make a fair suggestion, you should take the time to listen to what they have to say and if you implement something that was suggested by many clients, you will gain trust. This is going to give you credibility when building your brand.

Another important aspect of social listening is to check out what you competitors are doing and what kind of methods they are using to keep people coming back to their page.

Find out what their methods are to get new subscribers and make sure that you take the time to see how much they participate with their audience. If you see that they are doing a better job at keeping their visitors happy, you need to make sure that you remedy that in your own business if you want to remain competitive.

Social listening is extremely important now that the market has become so competitive and you really need to take then time to look around and see what is happening around you and this is very important when it comes to your competition.

If you neglect this, you will always live inside a bubble and you won’t know how if you are losing clients to your competitors.

This is something you should keep in mind at all times and you will be able to reach a higher level of success in your business.

Don’t be a business owner who is always in the dark about what is happening in his surroundings.

Sharon Callix
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