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Community to turn Notting Hill Carnival green for Grenfell

SURVIVORS OF the Grenfell Tower fire and the wider community of North Kensington are calling on all attendees of this year’s Notting Hill Carnival (Sunday 27 – Monday 28 August) to show solidarity with the ongoing plight of those most deeply affected by wearing green to this year’s event.

They ask that we turn the carnival area green, and are encouraging attendees to wear green as a sign of empathy and acknowledgment with the dead and survivors of Grenfell Tower.

Justice4Daz: Vigil tonight for Darren Cumberbatch

A VIGIL is being hosted by Coventry Cathedral and the Justice4Daz Campaign, on behalf of the friends and family of Darren Cumberbatch, a 32-year-old Coventry man whose life support machine was switched off on July 19, 2017, after he was hospitalised following police contact in the early hours of July 10, 2017 at McIntyre House; a Hostel in Edward Street, Nuneaton.

As the circumstances surrounding Cumberbatch's death are subject to an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiry, his internment will not be for some time.

Major changes afoot for Notting Hill Carnival bands

IN THE wake of recent terror attacks on the capital, Notting Hill Carnival’s mas and steel bands will see security inspections of trucks, face ID checks and heavy entry and exit restrictions when the annual two-day Caribbean street party gets underway this Bank Holiday weekend.

These changes have been recommended by Street Event Co (SEC), an event management company which was appointed by the carnival’s organiser, the London Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust (LNHCET), in January 2017.

International Slavery Remembrance Day today in Greenwich

TODAY, THE National Maritime Museum in Greenwich will be marking International Slavery Remembrance Day with a series of emotive and informative free events for all ages.

Designated by UNESCO as International Slavery Remembrance Day, the date commemorates the 1791 Haitian Revolution, an uprising lead by enslaved Africans in Haiti that played a crucial role in the abolition of the international slave trade.

Who sells the cheapest school uniform?

BACK-TO-school shopping can put a big dent in your household budget, especially if you have more than one child. Value Penguin analysed the UK market to find the costs of your child's junior school uniform, so you can get an idea of what to expect to pay.

Update on Twitter storm over drugs raids linked to Carnival

A METROPOLITAN Police operation which took down suspected drug dealers in south London early yesterday (August 22) morning was the subject of ridicule on Twitter, when an ambiguously-worded post from the force's verified account linking the Catford raid to Notting Hill Carnival was posted. The Metropolitan Police issued a statement verifying the alleged link between the post and the August Bank Holiday event.

Slavery Remembrance Day inspires a call to action from Unite

UNITE, BRITAIN'S biggest union, is calling on the Government to mark today's (Wednesday August 23) Slavery Remembrance Day by committing to eliminate all forms of racism and hate crime through better education programmes in schools, stronger legislation and tougher penalties for perpetrators.

The transatlantic slave trade dehumanised millions of victims and its consequences can still be seen in acts of race discrimination in our workplaces and in society today.

We remember Val McCalla, founder of 'The Voice'

'THE VOICE', Britain's only black-owned national newspaper to stand the test of time was set-up by former accountant Val McCalla in 1982 and launched at the Notting Hill Carnival that same year. In preparation for our 35th birthday on August 27, we look back with fondness at the legacy of McCalla; who died on this day, August 22, in 2002 of liver failure.


1. McCalla was born in 1943 in Kingston, Jamaica

2. McCalla was named number 68 in the 1997 '100 Great Britons' list

Cricket icon apologies for saying he'd need to 'black up'

A RESPECTED voice in English cricket, commentator and former batsman Geoffrey Boycott OBE has said sorry to fans after he told a Birmingham audience he would have a better chance of getting a knighthood if he 'blacked up'.

Boycott was being interviewed by Sky Sports at last week's test match against the West Indies at Edgbaston in Birmingham when he made hateful comments, which included the notion that knighthoods were handed out "like confetti" to West Indian cricket players.

The 76 year-old seemed bitter when he said:

Cambridge is using Hip-Hop Therapy to treat mental illness

RAP, CREATED in the 1970s in New York ghettos often receives negative press due to some of its messages which glorify drugs, violence and misogyny; however the genre has maintained a strong ability to influence, as evidenced in popular culture. This influence now extends to medicine.

Despite its 'dark' side, psychiatrists at Cambridge University have chosen to use Hip-Hop Therapy to treat patients who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression or schizophrenia.