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UKIP’s tail between its legs over racist candidate

LITTLE ENGLAND’S favourite political party UKIP has suspended one of its prominent members in south London for his “repellent” views on Nigerians and immigrants.

The right-wing, anti-immigration party, which is campaigning for Britain to leave the EU, is investigating what council candidate Andre Lampitt posted on social media.

The “extreme racist views”, as one source quoted by BBC News called them, relate to Nigerian people, eastern Europeans, Islam and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

'Girls have the real power in gangs'

GIRLS ARE key players in keeping London’s thriving gang culture alive, research has revealed.

Researchers, who spoke to members of four south London gangs over four years to examine the role of girls, found that they played a pivotal role and were the ones with the real power.

Female gang members, the study claims, have better “people skills” than the males and are the real masterminds behind money laundering, smuggling weapons in prams and providing “intelligence” – while the males, who acquire their status through violence, hang around and smoke dope.

'More young British people consider overseas study'

A RISING number of UK students would consider studying abroad, a study suggests.

The research by the British Council, asked 2,630 people in the UK for their views on studying abroad. Of these, just over two thirds (67 per cent) were aged between 18 and 24.

It found 37 per cent of those surveyed would take up a degree overseas, compared with 20 per cent in a similar poll last year.

The United States and Australia were considered the top study destinations.

Council sacks lollipop man over ‘King Kong’ row

A NORTH London council has fired a lollipop man after he was involved in a heated altercation with a black official who was called “King Kong” and a “monkey” by the road safety employee.

Jon Seymour, 46, who was born in Jamaica, has now lost his job at Camden Council helping schoolchildren cross the road following the argument in which he is understood to have insulted the unnamed council worker with racist language at Camden Town Hall.

The sacked lollipop man claimed the council official interrupted his phone conversation, which resulted in the two black men arguing.

Labour promises to increase number of women and black judges

LABOUR IS prepared to introduce judge quotas to address the low representation of women and ethnic minorities in the judiciary.

Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said reform had slowed to a snail's pace and called for radical thinking to ensure judges were selected from beyond the "male, white and Oxbridge" world.

Khan has appointed Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC and Karon Monaghan QC, two of Britain's leading progressive lawyers, to "think big" on how to achieve a balanced judiciary. "Nothing is off the table," he said of the remit.

Breast cancer drug rejected by NHS over high cost

A PIONEERING drug to treat women in the advance stages of breast cancer has been rejected in the NHS because of its high cost.

The Herceptin-style treatment, which could provide nearly six months of extra life to women affected by the disease, would cost up to £90,000 per patient - far more than any comparable course of action.

Tube strike talks end without agreement

LONDON COMMUTERS are facing five days of travel disruption after the first day of talks to try to avert a Tube strike ended without agreement.

The planned series of strikes will see RMT Union members walk out for 48 hours from 9pm on April 28 and again for three days from 9pm on May 5 in the long-running dispute over the closure of all 260 Tube ticket offices and 960 job cuts.

London Underground (LU) boss Mike Brown has defended the reforms, insisting they will improve services, but the union has claimed safety would be compromised.

Is regeneration overlooking our children?

THE FAMILY and friends of an east London youth who suffered “life-threatening stab wounds” in a brutal attack earlier this month are demanding urgent action to tackle youth crime in the area. 

According to witness reports, the 20-year-old man, whose identity is being withheld for safety reasons, was attacked on April 7 by a gang of up to 10 youths while visiting his girlfriend in Woodberry Down, Hackney.


'Occupy' campuses over shameful statistics, academics say

THE ONLY way to address the “frustrating” under-representation of African Caribbean academics is through forceful activism, according to leading black academics.

Calls for concerted action come in the wake of a race equality survey conducted by Black British Academics, which revealed ethnic minority students wanted more lecturers who reflect their ethnicity and culture.

The report also highlighted that only 0.3 per cent out of 18,510 professors in the higher education sector were Black African and 0.1 per cent Black Caribbean.

Cherry Groce's children speak out after legal win

THE SON of a woman shot by police officers in 1985 welcomed the decision to grant them legal aid last week.

The news followed a three-week campaign backed by more than 130,000 people who believed the family of Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce should be granted financial support.

Groce, whose shooting sparked the 1985 Brixton riots, was left paralysed from the waist down following a bungled police raid on September 28, 1985.
The mother-of-six, who spent most of her life in hospital, died in April 2011; the coroner established a link between the shooting and her subsequent death.