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Juici Patties Hit The UK: Sainsbury's to Stock Jamaican Fave

AS DEALS go it couldn’t be tastier.

Jamaica’s number one premier patty has arrived in the UK in a ‘hands across the water’ deal with Britain’s award-winning patty manufacturer Cleone Foods Ltd, where staff are now busy making thousands of snacks a week to Juici Patties’ famous secret recipe.

Jamaica’s largest fast food chain has expanded into Britain after discovering that Birmingham-based Cleone Foods’ production facilities are world class.

Chagossians will not be allowed to return home

THE GOVERNMENT has told former residents of the Chagos Islands who were removed to make way for a US airbase in the 1960s and 70s that they will not be allowed to return to the island.

In a statement,Foreign Office minister Baroness Anelay told MPs the government had decided against resettlement on the grounds of "feasibility, defence and security interests and the cost to the British taxpayer".

Instead the Chagossians will be offered compensation worth £40m over the next 10 years.

Breast Cancer Often More Advanced In Black Women

BLACK WOMEN in England are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer compared to white women.

The shocking analysis by Cancer Research UK and Public Health England found that the late stage disease is found in about 25% black African and 22% black Caribbean breast cancer patients.

Experts say there are various reasons for this, with low awareness of symptoms being one of the key issues.

Mayor Sadiq Khan Calls for Unity in London

A CLIMATE of fear surrounding potential social upheavals has been spread worldwide after alleged sex pest Donald Trump was announced President-Elect. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has taken the opportunity to remind communities of the virtues of unity and to remember those who 'feel ignored'.

Trump himself today attempted to reassure Americans during a television interview where he directly looked into the camera and told attackers with racist motives to 'stop it' along with a plea of 'don't be afraid' to citizens who were in various states of fear at the prospect of a Trump White House.

MP Drives Frederick Douglass Memorial Plaque Campaign

NEWCASTLE-BASED MP Chi Onwurah has been campaigning for a plaque to be erected in the area in order to mark where former slave turned free abolitionist Frederick Douglass stayed whilst he was in the city.

Onwurah said;

Murder Charge After Halloween Killing of Croydon Teenager

A TEENAGER has been charged with the murder of Scott Kouebitra, who was attacked in Croydon on Monday 31st October by a group of men wearing Halloween costume; before dying in his 18 year-old brother's arms whilst waiting for help to arrive.

The 16 year-old suspected of Kouebitra's murder was charged yesterday by Croydon Youth Court and has been placed in custody with an order to appear at the Old Bailey on Monday, 14 November.

Obama is a 'Loathsome Creature', according to Nigel Farage

IN ADDITION to anecdotal reports of a rise in racist and anti-Muslim abuse from US social media users, Nigel Farage has amped-up the current racial tension by adding his unique UK perspective to the election chatter.

Black MPs React To Trump’s Election Win

BRITAIN’S black MP’s have reacted with shock at Donald Trump’s election victory, urging politicians around the world to fight more vigorously for equality, respect and democratic engagement.

The call follows the most divisive election campaign in United States political history; during which the President-elect threatened to ban Muslims from entering the US and described Mexicans as ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’.

Equality campaigners express fear following Trump victory

AFTER A divisive presidential campaign, billionaire businessman Donald Trump last week became the 45th US President-elect after succeeding in getting the 270 electoral votes needed to secure an election victory.

But campaigners here in the UK concerned about the impact his victory will have on race equality worldwide.

Last week saw thousands of demonstrators in the US take to the streets of several US cities to protest against Trump’s election.

Protesters chanted slogans such as: "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascists USA" and "Not my president!"

Tram Driver Bailed After Seven Dead in Croydon Crash

COMMUTERS IN Croydon (bordering Surrey and south London) are remembering yesterday morning’s journey to work with sadness after a terrifying tram crash at Sandilands station which has left seven people dead so far and over 50 in hospital.

Police and fire fighters are still currently working at the scene of the devastation as they seek to identify what could be even more human remains. An eerie echo of the 2004 Berkshire train crash which also claimed seven lives, the Croydon accident has left residents in shock;