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£32 billion a year spent due to disconnected commuities

A NEW study has found that disconnected communities could be costing the UK economy £32 billion every year.

The research, commissioned by the Eden Project's initiative The Big Lunch and funded by the Big Lottery, reveals the annual cost to public services of social isolation and disconnected communities, including:

· Demand on health services: £5.2 billion (equal to the cost of building 70 new Specialist Emergency Care hospitals)

· Demand on policing: £205 million (equal to the median yearly salary of 6584 police officers)

Boy in school uniform stopped and searched by officers

FIVE POLICE officers in Downham, south east London, were filmed stopping and searching a black boy in school uniform earlier this month in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The officers, wearing blue plastic gloves, surrounded the youth as they performed the search; which was being filmed by a passing man who urged the youth to "take down their (police badge) numbers".

The man, who said that he was 46 years-old and that he had experienced negative situations involving the police himself, asserted that he was at the scene "make sure this guy (the boy being searched) is safe".

Gina wins! Brexit cannot happen without Parliament debate

IN A historical move in the quest for justice, Guyanese-born Gina Miller last year questioned whether or not the government should be allowed to put Brexit into motion without Parliamentary debate.

In a summary of the judgement a few minutes ago, the Supreme Court announced to a waiting world that Prime Minister Theresa May's plans to go ahead alone and make concrete moves to remove Britain from the European Union were in fact illegal.

Eight Supreme Court judges ruled in favour of Miller and only three voted to dismiss her case.

The first black Miss Bristol

CHARM ANNICE MCFARLANE, a 23 year old civil servant from Bristol has made history by becoming the first ever black Miss Bristol and the first woman of colour to represent the city in the grand finals of Miss Supranational UK.

Miss Supranational UK is one of the biggest beauty pageants in the country, attracting hundreds of entries a year and is the nation's only entry to the international Miss Supranational which promises a top prize of £30,000 to the winner.

Sick vs skinny: 60% take risks in search of 'perfect body'

WORRYING FINDINGS show that 60% of 'millenials' (those currently aged 18-34) risk illnesses and symptoms such as insomnia, tiredness and heart disease to achieve the ‘ideal body’.

Emma Kenny, Psychologist and Director of online health resource Make Your Switch conducted the research, which revealed startling facts:

• 38% are prepared to sacrifice their mental health and well-being through extreme dieting

• Women are six times more likely than men to worry about weight and body image than their health

A whole generation may never be able to retire from work

WORKING FOR a living is something we all expect to do, but, technically, we also have to work for the time when we don’t earn a living anymore.

When you’re just about managing, paying your inflated rent or mortgage, barely getting any interest on your savings, and grappling with the constantly-rising costs of living, how, exactly, are you supposed to put aside this seemingly-mythical retirement money? The harsh reality, unfortunately, is that many of us don’t.

Police investigate sudden rise of anti-Semitic hate crimes

A NUMBER of anti-Semitic hate crimes have been reported to police in north London, and are currently being investigated to see if they're linked.

On Friday (Jan 20), police were called to Daws Lane, Mill Hill, when offensive graffiti was found on a recycling bin.

The next day, a brick with anti-Semitic comments written on it was thrown through a window of a home in Edgware.

"Mum was everything to me"

TRIBUTES HAVE been paid to Roebuck and Hertfordshire county councillor Sherma Batson, who died suddenly earlier this month at the age of 59.

Batson was the executive member for communities and equalities on Stevenage Borough Council and the first black female mayor of the town in 2014. She served on the Hertfordshire Police Authority and stood for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012.

In the mid-1980s, she co-established an African women’s theatre company and devoted much of her time to the interest of her local communities, until the time of her death.

Banks 'must address race bias over fraud payouts'

A TOP Cambridge University professor is calling for Britain’s banks to address the issue of institutional racism following figures which show that black victims of fraud are twice as likely not to get their money back.

Figures released last week by the Financial Ombudsman and analysed by Ross Anderson, a professor of security engineering at Cambridge University and Andrew Ellson of The Times newspaper, appear to show that black victims of fraud are more than twice as likely to be denied a refund by their bank as white customers.

Security Guard's artistic dream becomes a reality

LONDON-BASED security worker with a secret passion for art is realising his dream of turning it into a career.

Ghana-born Robert Badu has been drawing since his childhood, but never pursued his passion seriously, choosing to train as a teacher and then later taking up a profession in corporate security. In his spare time while previously working at Goldsmiths, University of London, he would draw. An opportunity to explore his passion further came when a colleague with links to the art world came across his work not realising he was the artist.