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Bart Chan goes covert mode into Olympic Village
Posted: 03/08/2012 11:53 PM
Copyright: Bart Chan

Behind the military check points and army personnel shouting "no photos" over bewildered looking coppers, lies the Olympic Village. The place where all the athletes relax, party, sleep and do other things. It is also an area that is a dream spot for any camera-trigger-happy-fan hoping to snap some Olympians. Bart Chan, not a fan but a journo on a mission, greets two camouflage uniformed guards with a smile by the back entrance and makes his way to the restricted land.

Of course there is no yellow bicycle (too conspicuous). The athletes are happy to strike a pose while off duty, even if they're carrying a coconut.

Photos by Bart Chan. But don't tell the army.

*Click on photo for enlarged image.