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Could you foster?

There are now more children than ever coming into care, with almost 6,000 more in care on any one day now than there were in 2007. Around two-fifths of the children in care are aged 11 to 15, and finding people with the right skills to look after teenagers is now the top priority for fostering services.

Fostering provides a safe, secure and nurturing family environment, either short- or long-term, and allows children to keep in contact with their own families if they wish.

Oxford hopeful celebrates reaching crowdfunding target

A LAW graduate who set up a crowdfunding campaign to cover part of the cost of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study a Masters at Oxford has said she is “overwhelmed” after reaching her target.

Rachael Owhin, 23, had only ten days to raise £10,000 but surpassed the milestone two days early on Friday, August 29.

One generous donor – who chose to remain anonymous – donated £1,000 stating he had been impressed by her positive attitude.

Outrage after girl, 5, returns from school with black eyes

AN ONLINE campaign seeking justice for a five-year-old girl who returned from school with a bloody nose and black eyes, has gone viral.

#JusticeForAvaLynn gained momentum after harrowing images showing schoolgirl Ava Lynn’s swollen and bruised face hit social media.

Outraged Twitter user @stephkauf wrote: “If no adult heard her scream or saw the “accident” happen, they should NOT be in charge of watching kids! #justiceforavalynn”

Police cell beating death press conference in Jamaica today

THE FAMILY of Michael Deane, a man beaten to death in his police cell while six officers were on duty are to host a press conference in Kingston, Jamaica, today (Sept 1).

They will be joined by noted American civil rights lawyer, Jasmine Rand, who was part of the legal team that represented the family of Trayvon Martin, the black teen who was shot and killed in Florida by neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman.

Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels will host the conference at his office on behalf of his colleague Michael Lorne, the attorney for the family of Mario Deane.

Balotelli gets the thumbs up from the boss

AS DEBUT performances go Mario Balotelli will have bittersweet memories about his involvement in Liverpool’s 3-0 victory at White Hart Lane (August 31).

The Italian stole much of the column inches in the run up to the Premier League match against Spurs, with a number of the north London team's players hailing the former Manchester City striker as a key addition to the Red’s arsenal.

Balotelli, 24, could have made an immediate impact on the game when he met a Daniel Sturridge cross in the second minute only to see his effort saved by Hugo Loris.

Mariah Carey named most successful singer of all time

SINGER MARIAH Carey has been named the Most Successful Singer Of All Time by TIME Magazine.

TIME has calculated that the 45-year-old R&B star has had the longest, most consistently successful career of her peers.

According to the magazine, Carey’s continuous success in the charts and as an award-winning artist mean she gets the title ahead of all other recording artists.

'Put cameras on cops to combat unfair stop and search'

LAST MONTH, the Liberal Democrats announced its new manifesto policy with a specific proposal to overhaul ‘stop and search’. The party will be calling for changes in the law requiring some police officers to wear body cameras when they stop someone as a way to help transform community relations and build the public’s trust in the police. In November 2013, Equality and Human Rights Commission research found that black people were six times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people, but in some areas this was as high as 29 times more likely.

Rangers up and running

AT THIS stage of the season it is inevitable that other teams will come in for your best players, and when you have put a clause in their contract allowing them to move to a top four club there is not much you can do about it.

Yet, Loic Remy's rumoured move to Chelsea – or another London club - could well be the best thing for the club if they are to survive their return to the top flight. Their first points of the season in a 1-0 home win against Sunderland was merely the start of a very long road.

Natural hair expo in Birmingham on September 27

WITH THE natural hair movement gaining momentum amongst women of African, Caribbean and Mixed Race heritage, a Birmingham-based blogger will host an event in the city’s Crowne Plaza on September 27 to celebrate its development.


Natural Strutting It, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo, will include discussions and debates, in addition to demonstrations, workshops, exhibitors, fashion shows and entertainment.

Zimbabwe's radio silence

FOR MANY in the UK, listening to an independent radio station or reading a newspaper that is not explicitly controlled by the government is a privilege that is taken for granted.

But for veteran broadcaster Gerry Jackson, who spent most of her career fighting for freedom of speech in Zimbabwe, these liberties are precious and invaluable; and the recent demise of her exiled, UK-based radio station SW Station Africa is, for many, a death-blow to democracy in the Southern African state.

After 13 years broadcasting, it has shut its doors because the donations it relied upon dried up.