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VIDEO: Akon talks dreams and retirement plans

Singer on success and slowing down
Posted: 28/10/2011 04:26 PM
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AKON HAS revealed that he plans to retire in the next few years.

The singer, who was came ninth in Forbes Magazine's Cash Kings 2011: Hip Hop's Top 20 Earners with an estimated worth of $13 million, told the magazine that he plans to slow down in the future.

“I don’t plan on working around for that much time,” he said

“Right now I want to finish music, and from there go to Hollywood and do some scores, produce movies and perhaps act in one or two of them. Build on that foundation and from there on just relax.”

The Senegalese-born star, who first introduced the world to Lady Gaga, said that he dreamed of wealth and success since he was a boy.

"I just knew that I wanted to be rich."

"If I can get a break, an opportunity to make money, my hands will be in it," he said.