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VIDEO: Bart on a Bike: End of the Games

Posted: 13/09/2012 08:02 AM
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EPISODE X: September 10, 2012, central London.

The Team GB Parade through the heart of the capital marks one last final hurrah of an unforgettable summer of sport. The Voice's Bart Chan cycles over the Thames into the City and explores the packed streets, where an estimated one million people are gathered to marvel at their Olympic heroes.

Bart talks to people about the end of these golden months of British sport, asking what it has all meant to them and whether it was money well-spent. He catches up with Ken Livingstone, the previous London Mayor who helped secure the winning bid that brought the Games home, and gets his thoughts on the jubilant conclusion.

Plus, despite police restrictions, Bart mounts the yellow bicycle to speed down closed roads filming the crowd as they cheer back.

It is an historic day that illustrates how the people of this country can come together to be one community.

Edited by Rebecca Graham

Produced and directed by Bart Chan