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VIDEO: The cost of sporting success

Mum of mother of Olympic medal-winning gymnast Louis Smith travelled over 250 miles each week to take Louis to training throughout his teenage years.
Posted: 23/07/2012 11:28 AM
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BRINGING UP the next Lewis Hamilton or Andy Murray could cost parents an average of £27,000, a survey found yesterday. Club subscriptions, new kit, ferrying them to and from competitions and equipment means parents of sporty children who are members of organised clubs will have to cough up £26,932.96 in their teenage years alone.

But the cost can rocket depending on what sport the child excels at – golf for example will set parents back a staggering £55,420 because of hefty petrol costs driving long distances to tournaments. - And go-karting enthusiasts eager to follow in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton will cost parents £5,072 a year which totals over £40,000 between the ages of 11-18.