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VIDEO: Drag queen sues after being jailed in women's prison

Posted: 17/09/2012 02:48 PM
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A MAN who dresses as a woman said the city of Nashville and the company that operates one of its prisons should pay him millions for putting him behind bars for three years with women.

Karla Brenner said once the female prisoners found out he had male anatomy, it became a living hell. "The big hair, the makeup - I am an entertainer, a drag queen. That basically means a man who enjoys dressing as a woman. It's not a woman. I have no intention on being a woman - never, ever have," Brenner said.

But when Brenner was convicted of felony theft for stealing a python purse in Green Hills, an already complicated life got more complicated.

Brenner said he was told to say nothing, to pretend he was a woman and go to the women's prison.

Officials said Brenner even checked a box that said he was a woman.- 4 News