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VIDEO: With growing teen gun crime, do we need a music video as sick as this? [GRAPHIC VIDEO CONTENT]

Music video for Is Tropical glorifying violence amongst children causes outrage.
Posted: 03/07/2011 03:58 PM
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IT CONTAINS the kind of imagery that many parents will find deeply disturbing.

The new music video for band Is Tropical features young children: shooting each other; cutting the throat of a tied hostage; torturing another with electric shocks; and blasting another with a flame-thrower.

Inter-cut are scenes of drug dealing.

It's the extremely violent, animated blood and gore that many viewers will find disturbing and even more worrying the fact that it's a music video that will be watched by many young children.

The video for the song The Greeks, was released on June 13 and appears many times on Youtube. With over two million views already it has become a cult-hit among school kids in the UK.

With growing gun crime in this country, many will be concerned that a video which makes violence ‘fun’ and entertaining to young minds, could help to glamorise guns to the very young.

One concerned parent we spoke to, Marie Cooke, who has three children under the age of ten, said she was shocked when her nine-year-old showed her the video.

Mrs Cooke, an office manager from west London, told The Voice: “As a mother and a school governor it really makes me feel very disturbed when I see something like this. I know there are violent video games, but at least you have some control over them coming into your house and they don’t feature children committing violence against each other.

“It’s the sight of children acting out violence against other children that I find most worrying. When you have the case recently of a teenager hitman killing a mum for 200 pounds, you realise that young people are emulating adult ways of being, earlier and earlier.”

The producers of the video, Megaforce said: "We like kids, we like gangs, we really like daydreaming and imagination; the video straddles the line between nostalgia and the visual death-porn of our generation.”