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VIDEO: Kid Gospel yearns to be successful

East London rapper says he was inspired by The Voice
Posted: 08/07/2013 02:28 PM
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UK ARTIST Kid Gospel has released his new track Successful exclusively on the Voice Online.

The former Voice newspaper blogger told Britain’s favourite black newspaper that he wanted all of the readers who wished him well years ago to know he hadn’t forgotten them.

He enthused: “I was in school when I had a blog with the Voice Online, going through exams and creating music. I think I was one of the only artists in the country of my age with a blog with a national newspaper and it really helped to get people to hear my music.

“I haven’t forgotten the words of wisdom that encouraged me back then and I wanted to give something back to the readers who have turned into listeners and fans.”

Kid Gospel says his latest track, which features WeBeFly team member Rasharn Powell, was inspired by chasing his dream.

Successful is one of ten tracks off of Kid Gospel’s new MixTape, I’m Doing Me Part 2’ which can be downloaded from his website for free.

Turning 18-years-old last weekend the Essex and east London artist says being interviewed by the Voice Newspaper when he was 14 inspired him to come back to where the location of the newspaper’s head office and shoot his video.

He added: “It just felt right to come back and do the video around the Canary Warf area. It’s full of people who has either been successful or are chasing their success.

“Just the smell of around Canary Warf, when the suns out like it was for the video shoot, gets the creative juices going.

“I know that I am one step closer to my dream of becoming the type of artist I want to be and with my team, I will get there. I just want to thank everyone at the Voice and their readers for constantly believing in me.”