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VIDEO: Malakai’s got talent!

Youngster's emotional rendition of Beyoncé hit sees him secure a place in the finals of BGT
Posted: 30/04/2012 04:12 PM
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MALAKAI PAUL became a household name after his emotional performance on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) on Saturday saw him voted through to the finals on the popular talent show.

The nine-year-old won the hearts of the nation after he was so overcome with stage fright that he burst into tears ahead of his rendition of Beyoncé’s Listen.

Viewers saw judge Alesha Dixon rush to comfort talented youngster when he collapsed in tears on stage trying to sing Bey’s hit.

After hugs and encouragement from Alesha and his mum, the Malakai asked for a second chance and went on to win a place in the finals.