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VIDEO: Meet 10-year- fitness guru taking US by storm

Pint-sized C.J. Senter's workout videos are a hit
Posted: 12/10/2011 12:03 PM
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A 10-YEAR-OLD fitness fanatic has taken the US by storm with his popular workout videos.

Pint-sized C.J. Senter has inspired both young and old people across the country to dedicate more time into getting fit with his vigorous fitness routines.

"You can go outside and have fun, but some kids, they'll just go outside for like 10 minutes and come back in, but if you just do a workout, your body will sweat more" he told ABC's Nightline.

The schoolboy, who started working out when he was five to prepare for a football tournament, has already amassed over one million views on video sharing site, YouTube and an equal amount of hits on his own website.

Although C.J's videos have been a hit with adults, they are specifically tailored for young people in his age group.