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VIDEO: Mum gives birth to huge 16 pound baby

Baby is twice the size of a normal newborn.
Posted: 21/07/2011 10:06 AM
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THINGS REALLY are bigger in Texas. Janet Johnson has this month given birth to a baby boy, who entered the world weighing 16 pounds - more than double the average weight of a newborn.

Baby JaMichael was the heaviest baby to be born at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, and reportedly the largest newborn in the Texas.

Two weeks before her Caesarean delivery, Dr. John Kirk, Johnson's obstetrician, said he expected the baby to weigh 12 or 13 pounds. But JaMichael even surprised the doctor.

"He was much larger than expected," said Kirk, explaining how JaMichael was the biggest baby he had ever delivered. "Both his mother and father are large people, and she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which contributed to the baby's size."

"They're calling him 'Moose' up here," JaMichael's father said.