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VIDEO: Obama's passionate NAACP speech outlines how to repair America's broken criminal justice system

US President pushes for greater criminal justice reform at annual NAACP convention
Posted: 16/07/2015 02:19 PM
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DURING A passionate speech at the NAACP's annual convention, US President Barack Obama called for an overhaul of America's justice system.

The July 14 speech comes ahead of a visit to an Oklahoma prison - the first US President to do so.

Speaking to the packed conference centre in Philadelphia, Obama declared the current US justice system "remains particularly skewed by race and by wealth," and called for legislation that would minimize, or eliminate altogether, minimum sentences for non-violent drug crimes.

He also spoke bluntly about the conditions inside US prisons including prison rape and solitary confinement, which he said "have no place in any civilized country".

"In too many places, black boys and black men, and Latino boys and Latino men, experience being treated different under the law," Obama said, claiming his assertion wasn't "anecdote" or "barber shop talk," but instead backed by data.

"Mass incarceration makes our country worse off and we need to do something about it," he added.