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VIDEO: Singer performs all five Beyoncé albums in mesmerising mash up

Todrick Hall sings over 70 songs in exactly four minutes
Posted: 30/04/2015 11:46 AM
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BIG-TIME Beyoncé fan Todrick Hall has created a 'flawless' mash-up of the superstar singer's biggest hits.

Hall recently released a jaw-dropping medley of the songstress’ greatest tunes from all of her five solo albums, which he completes in just four minutes.

From Naughty Girl mixed with Run The World (Girls) and Single Ladies blended with “Video Phone, four different versions of Hall segue seamlessly from one catchy tune to the next with effortless dance moves and perfect harmonies.

In the video's YouTube description the Bey Hiver said: "This took four single take performances of memorising four different sets of lyrics & choreography (ironically this was filmed in four hours), and is exactly four minutes in length because of Beyoncé’s connection to the number 4…. Let’s just hope it gets 4 Million views in the next 4 days lol."

He added: "I am so excited to share this with the Bey Hive."

One impressed fan, commented on the video: "This should win an award for the best Beyoncé tribute I´ve ever seen!"

The video was uploaded two days ago (Apr 28), and has already been watched more than 662,000 times on YouTube. Maybe he will get the four million hits he's hoping for...