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VIDEO: Tyrese: Men should have more than one woman

Singer opens up on American radio show
Posted: 11/07/2011 09:31 AM
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SINGER TYRESE says that it is “absolutely” fine for men to have more than one woman as long as he is honest about it.

The Transformer 3 star said he agrees with the concept of Polygamy as long as the women involved get the “heads up” from the man in question.

He told Radio hosts on 105.1 that: “My thing is if you are going to move around like that at least give the girls the heads up. I think the whole dipping off five or six women simultaneously, making them all think that they are the only one, that’s when people get fired up.”

He added: “But if your pimping is right just be like look, I am just not in that space right now to be settling down [and to] be focusing on one [woman]. You should give them a heads up”